Our head of strategy, Peter Juergens, recently attended the 2015 CEB Iconosphere Conference in Chicago where the topic was behavior. No, not his behavior. It was all about consumer behavior. The conference was full of trends and studies, but to ground ourselves there were some larger, impactful topics that Peter would like to share:

1. As the noted psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung once stated: “You are what you do, not what you say you do.” Therein, marketers should look beyond just the stated (research and factual data), and study people and understand patterns to generate insights into what our lives are ‘asking’ for – based on human behavior.

2. Americans love their brand name goods and are proud to flash the logos and emblems that showcase their likes and lifestyles (and income level). But just as much today, people are showcasing their lifestyle choices regardless of income) by flaunting them through non-branded products, e. g. yoga wear has become common everyday street wear, and yet very few have a logo or an easy means to determine the brand name, as it’s more about the statement that ‘I live this life and I’m telling you my lifestyle preference’ (not necessarily my preferred brand).

3. Marketers today need to appreciate that we control our messages (or our client messages) less and less every day. We can own our brand (and what it represents), but we don’t necessarily control the message and conversation in the marketplace any longer. In the past someone might have given a speech and marketers would release images along with a controlled version of what the message in the speech contained. Today that same speech is heard, and immediately images and numerous individual interpretations of the same speech are streamed over numerous channels across the globe.

Controlling Your Message: New Pope Introduction

Controlling Your Message: New Pope Introduction

Source: CEB analysis