You have spent the better part of the year building a new website and now you want people to find it and use it effectively.  Our agency works with local, regional, national, and international clients on a regular basis to not only design and develop new websites, but to also partner with them for the long-haul in order to drive traffic (direct, organic and paid) to those websites. We will discuss the best practices in building an integrated marketing plan for your new website, and how to get consistent, new and ongoing traffic.
“Infographic” has become quite the buzzword in both social media and content marketing, but have you ever tried to define exactly what you think an infographic is? Once it became a best practice to use infographics in social media for our clients at Zion & Zion, it was obvious to me that everyone had their own perception of infographics; each one a different combination of visuals and utilization of words, numbers, and artwork. In this discussion, I think that in order to best understand where we are, we must first understand where we have come from. So to start, let’s take a step back…
Now that Google+ is one of the largest social media sites in the world, our social media agency team is going to help you learn how to use it properly and discover the tools that you need to set your business up for success.
Content marketing is quickly catching the interest of marketing experts everywhere. But just what do those two simple, yet powerful words mean? Believe me when I say it’s a lot more than you think! If you haven’t let your curiosity get the best of you and typed “content marketing” into the Google search bar, just know there are more results for one complete definition than you can count. The reason as to why there is not a straightforward definition to content marketing is easy—there isn't one! Throughout this article, our agency’s content marketing expertise is brought to bear to help you understand why one simple definition could not possibly cover the entirety of content marketing and all that it has to offer.
You may have heard of it a couple of times before, and you probably even Googled the exact title of this post looking for an answer. What is this jQuery magic that you keep hearing about? Well, let me tell you. But first, let me give you the cookie-cutter definition of what jQuery is:
“jQuery is a practical, fast and resourceful library that is built on top of the JavaScript programming language. It mainly simplifies HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation and AJAX.”
Most college students endure early morning classes, long hours in the library, and 10 page term papers, all in hopes of graduating and landing the perfect job. However, how do you know what your dream job entails or whether that dream job really suits you and your interests if you’ve never truly experienced it in the real world before? Luckily, I avoided the “ifs” and “buts” by stepping out of my comfort zone and landing the perfect hands on content marketing internship at Zion & Zion. The benefits of a content marketing internship go far beyond the professional experience you gain while working with the experts themselves. How you ask? Here you will read just how rewarding an internship in content marketing really is and how you can produce engaging content by working under the professionals themselves.
Constructing the perfect pitch is like pitching the perfect note, granted Fat Amy and The Bellas had the pitch pipe. Fear not PR pros, I’m going to share with you the steps you will need to construct the perfect pitch. This guide will act like your very own “pitch pipe,” and by following these tips you are sure to hit all the right notes! Unlike journalists, PR pros don’t generally have the option to shoot down stories. It is our job to take the story, no matter how mundane it might seem at first and sprinkle our creativity and media savviness onto it.  We are in the business of public relations after all! How the information is disseminated is up to us, which is a pretty powerful thing. We can tap into what is trending in breaking news or use various pop culture angles like the “Dwight Schrute” story that TIME ran on their website to take leverage for our clients.
Have you ever opened an email from your favorite brand on your mobile phone or tablet and deleted it immediately because it was unreadable and looked hideous? You’re not alone. With the continued steady rise in mobile and tablet use, it’s more important than ever to provide your customers with a consistent, user friendly experience across all platforms. Web designers, developers, and user experience strategists are constantly working to create a better customer experience, and email marketers and designers should also be working toward this same goal. Responsive email design is a step that all brands and marketers must take in order to keep working towards bettering the user experience.