I want to start off by acknowledging the fact that stepping out of your comfort zone is scary; if it weren’t scary, then you would be comfortable putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. However, when it comes to going out and finding that perfect internship, the discomfort is temporary. I also want to note that the searching, applying, and interviewing process of an internship can be a little intimidating as well. Luckily for you, I am going to painlessly guide you through the process of stepping out of your comfort zone, so that you can land yourself an internship in Public Relations.
Display advertising, or as it’s more commonly paraphrased, “those annoying banners ads that follow me around online,” is a fairly complex landscape.  As seen in this display LUMAscape, the path from advertiser to consumer can be a long and harried one.  I’m going to break it down for you so that, given the proper tools, you could plan a display campaign yourself. The advice I’m providing here is a result of the experience that our Phoenix-based interactive agency has accumulated over the years. At the very least, you’ll develop a better understanding of the medium and, dare I say, an appreciation, for how those banners end up on your screen.
Social media contests are one of the best ways to increase and improve your social media following. And as Arizona’s leading social media agency, we administer a lot of them. Gone are the days where you have to go to the brick and mortar store to fill out your information on a sheet of paper, drop it into a giant fish bowl, and hope that your name gets pulled at the time of the drawing. With the increased popularity and engagement on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, the number of business-held-contests is also increasing. Through the use of strategic social media contests (we will explain later in this article), you will be able to increase engagement, grow your following, educate those engaging with you on your products and services, and even grow your email lists. Social media contests come with a long list of positives, and a nearly non-existent list of negatives. However, running a successful social media contest is easier said than done. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to running a social media contest, those of which we will address in this post. This guide will help you develop the perfect social media contest, one that will benefit your followers (and the winner(s)) just as much as it will benefit you and your brand.
Whether you are a beginner or experienced developer, it is safe to say that developing locally will save you many unnecessary headaches. It is good practice to stay away from production servers until you are ready to go live, and even if a staging server is available, working on a local server will speed up your development and troubleshooting time and will allow you to use some really cool tools in the process. For instance, WordPress—the popular Content Management System (CMS), Blogging Tool, Web Platform, Framework—or any of the many labels this piece of software has. A combination of WordPress and MAMP will allow you to create web applications with ease and control. Both WordPress and MAMP are easy to install, and in a matter of minutes, you will be ready to dive into code and transform your next cool idea into a fully loaded web app.
SMX Advanced is an advanced search conference for those interested in all aspects of Internet Marketing. It is located in Seattle, Washington, and took place in mid-June. There are three distinct tracks to follow while at SMX Advanced. They are: Search Engine Optimization, Paid search and Social Media with Content. Additionally, there are six full day workshops to choose from that are available the day before the conference starts. Most sessions are an hour and a half, often split between three speakers.
While Google Analytics comes with a myriad of built in reports, sometimes you just need something different. That may be because you need a more complex report, or you need a simpler report without metrics that you don’t care about cluttering the layout. Let’s take the need for a simpler report first by creating a custom report that’s about as simple as it gets. We’ll create a report that has a single dimension and a single metric, since all reports must have at least one dimension and one metric. We’ll create a custom report that shows the metric Users segmented by the dimension Default Channel Grouping. This will wind up giving us a custom report that shows how many Users have come from each Channel. For example, how many users have come from Organic Search; how many users have come from Social; etc.
May times lecturers, writers and publications speak to the idea of marketing, and yet they lump the conversation of marketing under one umbrella, as if the general means and measures of marketing apply to any and all types of audiences. As any experienced professional knows, there is a tremendous difference between business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. Sure, many of the concepts behind marketing apply to both categories, but the strategies, messages, tactics and channels can differ greatly, as the one key element that sets these two worlds apart is to whom we’re speaking and their individual mindset when we’re delivering our message.
While you have most likely heard of a public relations agency, or "PR Agency," as it is often referred to, many people don’t really know what it is a Public Relations Agency does. When I tell strangers, or even my family, that our agency does PR, they often ask, “What does that mean?” They picture pop culture publicists like Samantha Jones in “Sex and the City” or Olivia Pope from “Scandal.” While entertaining, these characters are not the best examples of the day-to-day activities for a PR professional. Let’s talk a little about the history of PR and some of the roles a PR agency plays in this day and age.