The Social Media Team here at Zion & Zion has taken a look at the new Facebook algorithm for paid advertising and why your Facebook Business Page may not be receiving many organic views.
Arizona’s recent bad press is a great tool to examine how to deal with negativity in the media when it comes to your own business. Over the last several years, our state of Arizona has taken quite a few hits nationally, from the controversy over SB 1070 to accusations of racial profiling by Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the latest debacle of SB 1062. Our reputation has taken quite the beating in the public eye leading to lost jobs, tax money and revenues. Similarly, your business can take a beating in the court of public opinion whether it is in the media or social media. Taking a look at ideas to help the Grand Canyon State improve its reputation (without getting into the politics) can give you some ideas for helping your business.
So I am a sucker for packaging. I have bought products simply based on their packaging, if it has a unique name or is made from an interesting material. For instance, I often find myself going out of my way to Target to purchase Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products – strictly for its packaging. Does it clean better than its main-stream counterparts? Not necessarily. But I still remember picking up my first bottle of counter cleaner simply because of its coral red label. Why? Because red is my favorite color? No. But it did stand out in a sea of solid white bottles with clean blue bubbles and zinging yellow lemon graphics in the cleaning products aisle.
One of the best perks of working here at Zion & Zion is that our bosses send us to two conferences a year, completely of our choosing.  While I have attended HOW Design Conference in Boston as well as Adobe Max as a result of this fantastic program, neither of these compared to the creative intimacy that was the 4th Annual Creative South Design Conference in Columbus, Georgia. This was a casual collection of some of the most talented illustrators and designers in the Industry, all coming together to talk about how they got to where they are today and what all of us aspiring creatives should be doing to be just as awesome. In addition to the two days of impressive speakers, my colleague, Scott Biersack, and I also attended a full day of workshops before the conference began. As a result of the skills we took away from the workshops, the incredible speakers, and the adorable quaint downtown experience that was Columbus, Scott and I headed back home feeling creatively energized and refreshed.
NAB show (National Association of Broadcasters) is an annual trade show/conference that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada every year at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This was my first year at NAB and I will say, I was blown away by the scale of it; there is simply no way of doing everything the show has to offer because there is so much going on at all times.
Over the past months our social media team has followed the rumors that Twitter has been in the process of redesigning and testing a new profile layout for both consumer and business Twitter accounts. There are several new features in the Twitter Profile update. We will go into depth on all of the new changes explaining what this could mean for your Twitter usage.
Events are a major undertaking for any company or organization and they offer a unique opportunity for exposure, both for the event and the entity putting it on. So much blood, sweat and tears go into the actual planning of a successful event that few consider who will handle the social media the day of the event. In all reality, the social media aspect to an event is easy to overlook and seemingly unnecessary to make an event a success. However, and not to add pressure to the planners out there, with mobile device usage on the rise you can be sure those in attendance will be talking about you and your event on social media whether you are or not – so you had better have a social media plan in place! This blog provides in-depth tips to help you coordinate social media for any event. Based on real experience from coordinating an array of events for our clients, our Public Relations & Social Media team is happy to provide you with exclusive, tested strategies and tactics to ensure your social media efforts bring the success of your event to a whole new level.
A responsive web site is designed to adapt its presentation of information to the users’ device portal. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is not a buzzword and it’s not even really optional, as it’s the current standard for web design if you even remotely care about user experience consistency and maximizing your chances of being found on the web. Responsive Design is the most efficient solution for developing your website to be future compatible and optimized for any device. But to really understand what responsive web design is, let’s take a step back and look at the problem it is solving, namely rapidly evolving technology on the web that includes many devices and many portal sizes and the fact that a user’s device and that same user’s purpose are no longer synonymous.