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Influencer Marketing Increases Revenue 349%


We developed an influencer marketing strategy for a fashion industry client that drove the client’s message to an audience of over 75 million people and resulted in a sales volume increase of 349%.


K Couture is one of the U.S.’ leading manufacturers and eCommerce retailers of fully customizable bridesmaids’ dresses and men’s formal wear.

When we began this project, K Couture was a new brand, with a new e-commerce website that we built for them, and had relatively little brand awareness. As the client’s digital agency and PR firm, Zion & Zion’s challenge was to get the word out about this new company, and what they offer, to their target audiences.


We developed an influencer marketing campaign, partnering with bloggers and earned media online outlets to:

  • Increase awareness
  • Elevate the brand
  • Increase traffic to the website
  • Increase sales

To accomplish these goals, we researched the brand’s target audiences, both primary and secondary. The primary audience consisted of brides looking for bridal party attire, and women looking for a formal dress in general. The secondary audience consisted of faith-based brides, and women looking for conservative or plus size fashion. The secondary audiences of faith-based brides and conservative fashion were primarily driven by their desire for dresses with three-quarter length sleeves which are relatively difficult to find, while the secondary audience of plus size fashion was driven by the fact that K Couture offers dresses up to size 34.

This information informed our media list development, and resulted in the following media segment targets:

K Couture_Influencer_Right_Strategy

We then created targeted pitches to appeal to these specific bloggers. Each pitch had a different angle, but they all served the same purpose: to invite the blogger to see how easy it was to order a dress using the K Couture “Design A Dress” tool.

After reaching out and forming partnerships with these bloggers, each received a gorgeous, custom dress (that they designed themselves), in exchange for a blog post written about their experiences with K Couture with photos of their dresses.

An important part of our strategy was to focus on bloggers that were also heavy social media influencers with large audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter.


K Couture_Influencer_Right_Results 1

Media hits

In summary, influencer marketing campaigns had the following total audience numbers:

Blog: 75,453,223

Facebook: 1,438,543

Instagram: 134,506

Twitter: 456,386

Pinterest: 4,593,982

Woman’s Day: 6,044,092

Wedding Chicks: 629,455

Other: 27,306

As the efforts are ongoing as of the time of this case study, the following media hits are currently in the pipeline:

Fashion/Lifestyle bloggers:

  • Gentri Lee
  • Haircut and General Attitude
  • Fashion Laine

Plus Size bloggers:

  • Curves & Chaos
  • The Style Supreme
  • Flight of the Fat Girl

Modest bloggers:

  • Modest by Reva
  • A La Modest
  • Bramblewood Fashion
  • Lovely Deseret
  • Rachel Sayumi
  • Fred Rongo
  • Pink Wings
  • Deidre Emme
  • Dani Marie
  • Unpredictable & Chic

Web traffic directly resulting from our influencer marketing campaign has been dramatic, and client sales volume is up 349%.

K Couture_Influencer_Right_Results 2

Examples of how our influencer media hits impacted client web traffic