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Layering Branding On Top Of Lead Gen Dramatically Improves Results


Adding a branding campaign to our existing direct response marketing campaigns increased monthly sales 51.3% during the lowest performing month of the branding campaign and increased monthly sales 115.2% during the highest performing month of the branding campaign.


Classy Closets is focused on the manufacture, design and sale of closet systems and has franchises throughout the U.S.

As part of our effort to overhaul the Classy Closets’ advertising strategy, we performed a detailed analysis of leads, cost per lead, cost per appointment, deal closure rate, and ROI on all of Classy Closets’ lead sources. Our research team also spent a significant amount of time with Classy Closets’ designers and sales reps as well as interviewing franchisees. Based on those activities, we generated several strategic insights.

Part 2: THE Insights &STRATEGY

The Insights

Classy Closets Layering Branding Right Side Insight 1

Classy Closets’ marketing budget was focused entirely on short-term, lead gen activities. Common enough for a home services type of business, but the company was not managing the perception of its brand through anything other than customer service and product quality.


Classy Closets Layering Branding Right Side Insight 2

Our research indicated that the heavy emphasis that Classy Closets placed on promotions detracted from the perceptions of brand quality.


Classy Closets Layering Branding Right Side Insight 3

Competitors and Classy Closets were entirely focused on “room photos” in their marketing, and while that was fairly standard in the industry, it limited differentiation.

To address Classy Closets’ desire to grow, we developed a medium-term strategy that involved a reallocation of Classy Closets’ marketing budget to remove underperforming lead sources and to redirect the funds to a campaign to be layered on top of their short-term lead gen strategy.

Our approach was to focus potential customers on something beyond just the image of a clean, lifeless closet. Namely, we developed a comprehensive campaign that emphasized the individual and how they would “feel” about their new closet, and we added a touch of humor to ensure attention.


Classy Closets Layering Branding Right Side - Results

Results include year-over-year web traffic up 35.31%. Site usage up significantly with pages/visit up 47.82% and bounce rate down 19.02%. Of course, the only real metric that matters is ultimate ROI, and in this case, the results were stellar with revenue improvements on a monthly basis that have ranged between +51.3% and +115.2% vs. pre-campaign levels.