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Strategic Insight Drives Brand Redevelopment For Global Organics


We conducted detailed ethnographic and industry research which generated multiple strategic insights. These insights enabled us to rebuild the client’s brand, collateral, website, content strategy, and product packaging. As a result, their international business increased 33% across 18 countries and overall revenue increased 35%.

Part 1: The Strategy

With distribution on three continents; a 1,200 acre research farm; and its USDA Certified Integrated Life Science Research Center; Global Organics is an international leader in the provision of biological nutrients for sustainable soil, plant, animal, and human health and development. Zion & Zion was tasked with articulating a clear value proposition and re-positioning Global Organics for aggressive expansion and enhancing the image of the company’s brands and primary products.

Our strategic insight was to recognize the conflict between Global Organics’ existing position and where the company needed to be.

Global Organics Strategic Insight 1

Our ethnographic research brought to light that growers, which were Global Organic’s direct customers, were confused by Global Organics’ references to four divisions within Global Organics, namely Global Organics, Mineral BioSciences, BioFlora, and the Integrated Life Sciences Research Center.

Global Organics Strategic Insight 2

We recognized that Global Organics had been around since the beginning of the “organic movement” and still had a vibe of “fringe” within its culture and approach. However, the market was moving beyond that. Organics was becoming mainstream and retail grocers were demanding organic products and sometimes demanding that growers of their non-organic products dedicate a certain percentage of their efforts to organic growing.

Global Organics Strategic Insight 3

Our research indicated that first and second generation growers and organic growers were aging. Their millennial children and grandchildren were graduating college, sometimes with an MBA, an MS in Agricultural Economics, or a Masters of Agribusiness. These children and grandchildren were now moving into the business of their elders. Globally-aware, business-trained, quantitatively-capable, and digitally-savvy individuals were the future of the organic grower industry.

Our strategy was built on the aforementioned insights. First, we rationalized the positioning of Global Organics’ various divisions and developed a brand architecture for them and a focal tagline of “Nature Knows Best.” This was based on their sustainable approach of reestablishing ‘soil bio-activity’ resulting in high crop yield. We also developed clearer internal and customer focused communications as to the relative roles of their divisions and the importance of each to the grower. Second, we developed case studies and new websites for each of the four divisions, each of which provided an up-to-date digital experience for existing and potential Global Organics customers. Third, we completely redesigned all of Global Organics’ marketing materials and product packaging to appeal to a more modern audience.

Global Organics Strategic Insight Right Side - Strategy


Part 2: The Results

Global Organics Strategic Insight Right Side - Results

The year following the completion of our strategy and re-branding work, Global Organics saw a marked improvement in nearly all KPIs. Specifically, international business grew 33%, and overall revenue increased 35%. Results continue to compound with the most recent year showing not only continued sales growth but a 17.5% increase in web visitors and Global Organics’ products now having distribution in 18 countries.