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Digital Marketing

As a digital marketing agency, the campaigns that we create and administer for our clients regularly achieve performance improvements of 100% or more.  What do we do to make this happen?

  • Paid Search (Pay-Per-Click, PPC)
  • A/B & Multivariate Testing
  • Banner/Display Advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Zion & Zion Proprietary Technologies

The Zion & Zion digital marketing team is made up of not only internet marketers, but digital strategists, financial analysts and conversion specialists, armed with the best technology and tools the industry has to offer. And, layered on top of that is a suite of proprietary tools and techniques that will make your digital marketing campaigns second to none.

Paid Search (Pay-Per-Click, PPC)

Paid search, also known as pay-per-click (PPC), is generally an excellent choice for lead generation, especially when it comes to ecommerce and direct response business models. The world is becoming more and more answer driven, and with that, people are turning to search engines to find their answers. Having search ads present during a consumer’s search is imperative for driving brand awareness, sign ups, sales, and conversions in general. Paid search is trackable, measurable and adaptable, making it one of the best direct response marketing vehicles out there; and the Zion & Zion team includes ten people that are certified by Google across multiple platforms such as Adwords, Google Analytics, YouTube and display advertising. No other full-service agency in the state has more Google certified team members than Zion & Zion. All of that training translates into a high ROI. Nice for us, but even nicer for you.

Banner/Display Advertising

Display advertising is often one of the first digital touch points that a consumer has with your brand. Targeting users on their PCs, tablets, or mobile phones, display can be used to create mass awareness of your brand and/or assist your direct response campaign. With its unique ability to hyper-target, targeting criteria may include geography (down to the zip code or IP level), demography (age, gender, HH income), behavior (knowing that you’ve visited certain web pages recently), and context (so that your ad appears next to content about certain particular things). No other medium, besides paid search, allows you to target to that extent.

You can choose from a wide range of ad formats, from the humble banner to the sophisticated rich media ad with video and interactivity built-in. However, the goal of display advertising is usually not to garner clicks. The goal is to reach a targeted audience with a relevant message that will resonate and leave an impression. Though a user may not take immediate action from that display banner, a good advertising campaign will follow up that banner impression with a social ad, an email campaign, and a paid search ad. Utilizing a robust web analytics platform, the Zion & Zion team can view the full cycle, from impression to conversion, and attribute credit where credit is due.

Web analytics allow the Zion & Zion digital media team to identify web traffic sources by medium and geography, which can lead to unique opportunities. For example, we may decide to target a new market for you if we find that there is saturation in your existing targeted markets. This level of tracking and analysis is invaluable in helping our clients achieve their goals. For example, it helps answer the questions, “Which media is driving the most web traffic?” and “How effective is that media in generating conversions?” Without this data, you’re just shooting in the dark. So how about letting us shed some light on things for you?


If you’ve not yet implemented website retargeting for your brand, you are missing out. With the proper code implemented on your website, you can re-engage users who have visited your site but not converted yet. Maybe they were close to converting but wanted to check out the competitors first. Or they were pulled away by a crying baby. Or perhaps they weren’t ready to part with their money. Retargeting reminds users of what they want by delivering a timely message.

Retargeting generates the highest conversion rate of any banner/display advertising tactic, and possibly any media tactic period. At Zion & Zion, we administer some fairly sophisticated retargeting campaigns for our clients. For example, let’s say that you’re a brand that sells dresses. A user on your site has added three dresses to her shopping cart, but she doesn’t complete her order before leaving the site. We can retarget her with an ad that shows the exact dresses that were in her shopping cart. Contrary to popular wisdom, if you love someone, don’t set them free. Retarget them.

Zion & Zion Proprietary Technologies

One excellent consequence of Zion & Zion having our own in-house team of developers/programmers is that when we see a need or an opportunity for technology to come to the rescue, we act on it—quickly. Our proprietary tools and technologies allow our clients’ digital campaigns to outperform their competitors—without exception. Here are just a handful of the in-house proprietary tools we’ve developed that deliver superior performance for our digital marketing clients.

Adaptive Response: Zion & Zion’s proprietary Adaptive Response technology allows our clients’ landing pages and sites to adapt their content based upon context. The context can literally be anything. Examples of context that can drive custom content include: keywords, visitor location/geography, demographics, category affinities, market interests, day of week, time of day, digital campaign source (be it ad or referral), previous user engagement, and a variety of other factors.

Jabhar CSR Support System: Zion & Zion’s proprietary Jabhar CSR Support System allows customer service reps to engage in a dialog with prospective customers that results in the CSR being able to capture the prospective customer’s email address and to immediately generate offer content that winds up in the prospective customer’s inbox—thereby increasing the likely of call back and deal closure and generally increasing margins. The system also provides CSRs and their management with real-time feedback as to the relative performance of each CSR through various dynamic charts and graphs reporting campaign statistics. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, “Jabhar” is the name of our office dog—so we named the tool after him.

Lead Analyzer: Zion & Zion’s proprietary Lead Analyzer allows us to not only monitor incoming client leads in real-time, but also allows us to do instantaneous statistical analysis of lead flow in order to drive traditional and digital campaign optimizations. Want to know how today’s leads are doing as of right now? Ask Lead Analyzer. Want to compare this Monday and Tuesday’s lead counts to every other Monday and Tuesday for the past year? Ask Lead Analyzer. Want to get a statistical analysis including lead volatility metrics-standard deviations, averages, mean absolute deviations, trimmed means? You got it—Lead Analyzer. Bottom line is that our Lead Analyzer technology combined with the advanced analytical skills of our digital team makes us, by far, the most precise and responsive agency in the business when it comes to campaign optimization. Need we say more?

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