Phoenix, AZ – November 11, 2009 – One of the most recognized and successful brands in the category on a national level, Scottsdale-based Awnings by Design has now decided to make major marketing investments in order to leverage its brand and the ultimate rebound of the economy. Already acknowledged by its suppliers and customers as the leading player in the Phoenix metro market and as one of the leading players in the US, Awnings by Design has engaged top, Phoenix-based, full-service advertising, public relations and interactive agency Zion & Zion to lead the redevelopment of the company’s creative, advertising strategy, interactive presence and public relations. In this role, Zion & Zion will work to assess ROI on various current and new advertising media and to optimize Awnings by Design’s marketing spend to maximize the return on the company’s investment.

Ken Pesho, Lead Designer for Awnings by Design, commented, “Awnings by Design has an exceptional brand presence in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley markets as well as throughout the East Valley, and we’re looking forward to doing a better job of having our marketing image match that reputation. Whether it’s online via advertising or our website, or in print, TV or radio, we really needed to select a marketing and advertising firm that has worked with upscale brands before and that also has exceptional expertise in business as well as experience in home improvement. The principals at Zion & Zion have MBA and PhD level training in business and marketing; have worked with brands such as Sotheby’s and Andersen Windows; and have one of the leading home improvement marketing practices in the country.”

Zion & Zion CEO Aric Zion stated, “Awnings by Design is an amazing brand with a truly upper end client base. Our job is to create a marketing and advertising presence that is consistent with the existing target market and to also create a marketing plan and subsequent execution of that plan that broadens the reach of the Awnings by Design brand beyond the geographic scope where it has typically executed so well.”

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About Awnings by Design
We have been providing Arizona families retractable shade and sun control products for over 27 years. Many homeowners purchased homes in the area to take advantage of the vista views of the mountains, golf courses, and beautiful desert landscapes! Our company had the foresight to develop a number of solutions, which include our popular automatic patio awnings, as well as our interior and exterior solar screens. Our products automatically move out of the way when they are not needed. The fabrics we use are made especially for awnings and the weather here in the Valley, which are guaranteed not to fade or rot.

Our patio awnings can be controlled either by an automatic sun and wind sensor or electric switch. They are designed to move up and out of the way when they are no longer desired. Many homeowners are unaware that retractable solar screens can also be installed on interior windows and doors, to reduce both heat gain and the fading of furnishings, carpets and works of art. Additionally, our retractable exterior and interior solar screens are very popular in this Arizona heat. The specialized solar screen provides nearly invisible sun control protection for your fine furnishings, flooring and art and has a dramatic effect on the comfort in any room with a retractable solar screen.