Discount Cab / Total Transit Selects Zion & Zion as Agency of Record

TEMPE, Ariz. – June 28, 2011 –Discount Cab / Total Transit is already acknowledged as a leader and innovator in the area of taxicab fleet operations, having been named the national 2009 Large Taxicab Fleet Operator of the Year by the Taxicab, Limousine and Paratransit Association. Now, Discount Cab and its parent company, Total Transit, have engaged full-service, Phoenix-based marketing firm Zion & Zion to help take the company to new heights both locally and nationally.

Acting as agency of record, Zion & Zion will assist Total Transit and Discount Cab with repositioning, re-branding and all subsequent marketing and advertising related activities.

Total Transit CEO Craig Hughes stated, “We’ve done an amazing job of taking this company from nothing to the approximate 65% market share that we have today, and we’ve done it through good intuition, hard work and some real innovation—pretty much everyone in Phoenix is familiar with our distinctive, bright green taxicabs and the fact that over 60% of our fleet is made up of the extremely fuel efficient Prius Hybrid. However, we now need to engage professionals in the areas of marketing, advertising, branding, etc. to help take us to the next level.”

Total Transit Director of Business Development Jeff de Laveaga commented, “Not only do we have the Discount Cab taxicab business, but we’re also operating in the spaces of both public transportation and transportation management, working with AHCCCS and government bodies to efficiently apply transportation assets to address their needs. We’re now ready to take those solutions out of market. We’ll also continue to focus on growing our local business in those areas and in the area of taxicab operations.”

Laveaga continued, “We engaged in an approximate 12 week RFP process that included multiple rounds of us defining and redefining requirements, as well as response submissions and presentations by some of the Southwest’s top agencies.  In the end, Zion & Zion was the clear-cut winner. No doubt that all of the agencies that submitted and presented had skills, however, we needed a firm with senior level business and market development expertise in addition to great creative abilities. Zion & Zion differentiated itself on that front and also through its high level of investment in technology, employee development and its non-hierarchical organization structure. Our initial agreement with Zion & Zion covers 18 months, with their firm transitioning in over the first 60 days to take over all marketing, advertising, PR both in Phoenix and in other markets.”

Zion & Zion CEO Aric Zion (@ariczion) stated, “Total Transit is really the kind of client you dream about getting to work with. They’re successful, knowledgeable, clever, innovative, level headed and they know exactly what they want to achieve and are prepared to invest to do it. This is an account where we can maximally leverage what we’re good at—namely bringing creative expertise and business expertise together to move a company forward in the marketplace.”

The team at Zion & Zion has laid out its attack plan in two parallel paths to address Total Transit’s needs. The first is a strategic path to develop messaging, branding and re-implement all collaterals, web, advertising, etc., and the second is a tactical path that allows the Zion & Zion design team, web team, and PR/social media team to dive in immediately to begin the transition of all day to day marketing and advertising activities.

About Discount Cab
Founded in 1984, Discount Cab is one of the largest cab companies in the Southwest, operating a fleet of nearly 700 cabs throughout Phoenix and Tucson. Discount Cab adheres to the core principles of transparency, honesty, integrity, environmental consideration and innovation; that ensure they are the company people call whenever they need a ride.  Discount Cab operates with respect for its employees, its contractors, the environment, the community and, most importantly, its passengers.  Discount Cab provides mobility/wheelchair-accommodating and eco-friendly transportation (over 60% of its fleet is made up of the highly fuel-efficient Prius). Discount Cab received the 2009 “Taxicab Large Fleet Operator of the Year” award from the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA). For more information on Discount Cab, please visit Find @Discount_Cab on Twitter and on Facebook at