Goettl Air Conditioning Retains Zion & Zion to Handle Internet Strategy and Marketing

Phoenix, AZ – March 25, 2008 – For almost 70 years, Goettl has installed hundreds of thousands of systems that operate in the harsh climate of the Southwest desert. This rugged test area has given Goettl its reputation of dependability and proven success.

While Goettl’s previous marketing has been based primarily on direct mail and TV advertising, the company’s desire to move an increasing percentage of its investment to the internet as a messaging channel, caused Goettl to begin the process of evaluating potential strategic marketing firms experienced in the internet arena.

Enter Zion & Zion, Phoenix’s leading mid-sized full service marketing, advertising and PR firm, headquartered in Phoenix, and with operations in both Phoenix and Atlanta.

Said Goettl General Manager, John Davenport, “It was important to us to select a firm that was as much about marketing strategy as it was about internet and website expertise. Too many of the firms we looked at had web development capabilities but no real experience with what it means to run a business. The partners and people at Zion & Zion were a different breed. With executive business experience themselves, they knew exactly how to tie our internet marketing to our business objectives.”

Zion & Zion COO, DuGué Zion, commented, “When you’re running a business as operationally sophisticated as Goettl’s, you need and expect an advanced approach to your internet marketing—one that enables the integration of your traditional marketing with your online marketing as well as one that builds your brand. While there are a lot of firms out there that have lumped internet marketers, web designers, and traditional marketing and advertising people under one roof, we’re one of the very few firms out there that has a truly integrated approach. We didn’t obtain our web or traditional advertising experience through a merger or acquisition. Both sides have been inherent in our firm from the start. That’s a big part of why Goettl selected us.”

Zion & Zion CEO, Aric Zion, added, “We’re excited about the relationship with Goettl and know we’ll do great things together.”
For more information on Zion & Zion, please visit the company’s website at zionandzion.com. For more information on Goettl, please visit the new Goettl website, designed by Zion & Zion, at www.goettl.com.

About Goettl:
The best built and longest lasting unit will do no better than the cheapest, if it is installed improperly. At Goettl, we are committed to doing the job correctly the first time. Goettl guarantees that jobs will be handled in a fast and efficient manner—with satisfaction always being our main goal.

Goettl has installed the most replacement units in Arizona. It was quality customer service for everyone and we’ve been in business since 1939 because our customers’ needs always come first.