Heliae Selects Zion & Zion as Marketing and Public Relations Agency

TEMPE, Ariz. – March 29, 2012 – Heliae, a global algae technology solutions company based in Arizona, has selected leading Phoenix advertising agency and public relations firm Zion & Zion as its agency of record. The partnership will focus on interactive design, messaging, brand and collateral development and public relations for Heliae.

“We’ve been fairly quiet in our communications since our founding in 2008, choosing to focus on our technology development work behind closed doors,” said Dan Simon, president and CEO of Heliae. “But as we continue to expand beyond R&D and move rapidly toward commercialization, we needed a dynamic firm that could support us in communicating our progress and achievements in this dynamic industry. Zion & Zion stood out for us with their commitment to business-first and a stellar track record with respect to helping firms as they grow and scale.”

“The future of Arizona’s economy lies in companies like Heliae that are creating new technologies that have global benefits,” commented Zion & Zion CEO Aric Zion (@ariczion). “Heliae is starting a unique business model in the world of algae technology, and we feel there is room for tremendous growth. We are excited to be a part of this phase of their evolution and contribute to this world-changing technology.”

About Heliae
Founded in 2008, Heliae is an algae technology company pioneering advanced solutions that aim to solve some of the biggest problems facing mankind and the planet. Heliae’s algae technology platform cost-effectively produces a wide range of renewable fuel, food, fertilizer, cosmetic, and bio-chemical products. The proprietary process requires zero arable land, thrives on non-potable wastewater, and uses unwanted industrial byproducts. Privately backed by leaders in the food industry, and staffed by an interdisciplinary world-class team, Heliae opened a demonstration facility in Gilbert, Ariz. in 2010 and continues the scale-up of its technology. Heliae will break ground on its first commercial facility in May 2012.