National Boutique Pet Products Company Zany Zak Selects Zion & Zion as Public Relations / Social Media Firm

Phoenix, AZ – October 20, 2009 – Zany Zak, the brainchild of Scottsdale entrepreneur Lori Burt, has developed a line of custom pet collars for distribution through high-end retail boutiques throughout the US and Europe.

To assist Zany Zak in its marketing, public relations and social media efforts, Burt tapped leading Tempe, Arizona-based full-service agency Zion & Zion. Having already demonstrated marketing strategy and communications excellence in bringing new products, companies and ideas to marketing, Zion & Zion now extends its portfolio of startup mode clients with the addition of Scottsdale-based Zany Zak.

Lori Burt, Zany Zak’s President and CEO, stated, “Not too big, and not too small—that’s what I needed when it came to a marketing and PR firm. That and a firm that really knew what they were doing and could wrap their heads around the business part of this whole thing. The big guys just didn’t have the ability to focus on my business and simply wanted to talk about being ‘clever’ and ‘creative.’ The small guys couldn’t handle the scope that this relationship was going to entail. But Zion & Zion was a perfect fit. Everything from interactive development to PR to media strategy and buying to social media was completely in-house. And they’ve successfully assisted numerous companies in pursuit of significant growth.”

Zion & Zion CEO Aric Zion commented, “It’s an American success story when you think about it. Here’s Lori Burt, an ex-airline employee who essentially has the following assets: her brains, her personality, her creative product talent, her drive and, as an ex-airline employee, her ability to fly around the country at no charge. creative product talent, her drive and, as an ex-airline employee, the ability to fly around the country at no charge. So, we take that, and Lori’s love of animals and her passion for them, and we work with her to build a strategy that leverages her ability to pitch her company and wares in person to boutiques around the country, and now in the UK as well. We couple that with an amazing, interactive e-commerce site that we’ve developed that features custom illustration and animation and move on to develop a grassroots PR and social media campaign, securing visibility for Lori, Zany Zak, and Zak—the dog that inspired it all, and voila—instant success.”

Zany Zak’s products can now be found at boutiques throughout the U.S.—including cities such as Manhattan; Colorado Springs; Scottsdale; Crystal Lake, MI; Santa Fe and Vail.

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About Zany Zak
Zany Zak is an upscale producer of boutique pet products, offering custom handmade collars for your dog or cat. We offer an array of unique and chic products to provide your pet with a distinguished look. We promise a hip and fun look without compromising quality or value.

Zany Zak collars are one-of-a-kind—made from very durable, stylish and lightweight materials. Our collars are made to last and to withstand up to 200 pounds of tension.

The inspiration for the Zany Zak product line came from Zak, Lori Burt’s playful Samoyed. Lori decided Zak would need a distinctive accessory for his outgoing personality, so in February of 2007, Zany Zak was born.

Zany Zak is now distributed across the nation in multiple boutique shops and has even traveled internationally to Germany, Great Britain, Panama & Colombia.