Pharma Startup TechGene Rx Set to Move Forward with Marketing Firm Zion & Zion

Phoenix, AZ – November 14, 2006 – Within a couple of years, over 30 percent of the American public will be over the age of 55. The crest of the baby boomer wave will herald a dramatic increase in the demand for prescription drugs. The goal of Ontario headquartered TechGene Rx is to not only satisfy that demand, but to do so through a new generation of products based on its proprietary research.

It is the goal of marketing firm Zion & Zion to translate TechGene Rx’s product knowledge and proprietary technology into a successful brand and acquisition target.

TechGene Rx CEO Bill Davies had this to say, “We selected Zion & Zion not only because of their expertise in a wide range of industries, but because of their size and approach. The really big firms are too cookie-cutter, and the really small ones don’t have the integrated approach to marketing that we need.”

Building on data from the Human Genome Project which has mapped the tens of thousands of genes in human DNA and sequences of the billions of chemical bases that comprise human DNA, TechGene Rx plans to introduce a series of drugs over the coming years that will ensure its position in the pharma hall of fame.

Zion & Zion COO DuGue Zion commented “Our marketing and advertising campaigns for TechGene Rx are primarily going to be B2B focused. It’s all about company valuation, and brand building is a big part of that.”
Zion & Zion’s tremendous past success and experience with developing the value propositions, positioning, and advertising campaigns of high-tech firms is expected to be a huge asset in this latest endeavor.

About The TechGene Rx:
The researchers and management at TechGene Rx have over 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and have been delivering one breakthrough after another. TechGene Rx, their latest venture, leverages both the research expertise and management experience of its principals and promises to deliver superior solutions for a better tomorrow.