Case Study Category: Our Favorites

Campaign Drives Record Breaking Organ Donor Registrations

Case Study - May 25th, 2017

Our development of the ‘Leave a Legacy’ campaign, including TV commercial development and screen-agnostic media placement resulted in a 37.92% increase in organ donor registrations.
Predicting Home Buyer Activity Based on Digital Media Actions—A Regression Analysis

Case Study - May 24th, 2017

Our media buying and analytics team was able to demonstrate a strong and statistically significant connection between our Zillow and Trulia display banner advertising and…
Advanced Paid Search Testing and Analysis

Case Study - February 10th, 2017

Our online marketing team conducted an A/B test and deep statistical analyses that focused on six distinct hypotheses that included not only lead gen differences,…
Improving Usability of a Mobile Calendar Feed

Case Study - February 10th, 2017

We conducted user testing on various parts of the new website that we were building for the client. We found usability issues with 14.3% of…
Measuring Brand Awareness from TV

Case Study - February 10th, 2017

We developed a 30 second TV spot for the client, focused on brand awareness. Our strategy and analytics team was able to demonstrate that brand…