The Zion & Zion Tealium Engineering team attended Tealium’s Digital Velocity conference online. Due to COVID-19 we were unable to attend in sunny San Diego and the conference was turned completely remote. As a team, we were able to choose through multiple sessions to watch and learn more about Tealium and how we can utilize it to help our clients. As well as watching the sessions live, Tealium gave us access to all videos after the conference, allowing us to view sessions we may not have signed up for and sessions that other team members thought were extremely interesting.

Below are the topics discussed during the conference:

  • Powering Personalization
  • Redefining the Customer Experience
  • Excelling with a CDP
  • Prioritizing Privacy
  • Doing More with Data Readiness
  • Delivering Predictive Insights
  • Modernizing Digital Marketing

While all the content was educational, this article focuses on powering personalization and specifically on the session “Starting Small and Thinking Bid: Using Personalization to Drive Conversions.” This session was presented by Josh Griffiths, who presenting all the way from Australia. Josh Griffiths works for Health Fund Limited and is an expert in transforming data to maximize personalization. He discussed how he works within his company to create a personalized customer experience, and how this can be leveraged across all industries. He also touched on how data and technology are key to a great customer experience, which is something we believe in strongly at Zion & Zion.

Data and Technology Equals Experiences | Digital Velocity Conference

Data & Technology

When thinking about using data and technology to create an amazing customer experience, a company must first start with data. And to begin, a company must transform their data to become useful. Josh talked about when he started this process at Health Fund Limited. They started very small and began to learn and optimize the technology they used and eventually accelerated it and added more technology—for instance Tealium.

Using Tealium, companies can start by implementing Tealium iQ and EventStream to collect online and offline data. From here, this data is transformed and enriched within AudienceStream CDP. AudienceStream enriches data and creates many different audiences to allow for a personalized targeting customer approach. From AudienceStream, you can link to different marketing automation platforms, social platforms, Optimizely, and more. The data that Tealium collects can be used in so many different ways to help companies better learn about their customers.

Tealium iQ | Digital Velocity Conference

Once setting up these technologies, a company must unite different teams to create the best customer experience. For example, a technology, marketing, customer experience, and marketing automation team must work together to get solutions using the data and outcomes. With Tealium in play, companies no longer need to rely on third-party marketing vendors for data or to create many campaigns.


With the data and technology in place, you can now move forward with personalizing the customer experience. When starting with personalization Josh’s tips included starting simple but starting right away. A lot of companies are already focused on a very personalized experience, so you don’t want to start too late. Rather, it’s important to constantly test new thoughts and ideas and build on scale. Without testing, you’ll never be able to learn new outcomes and could be missing out on learning along the way.


Start small, think big, and start now. Start with something small and low risk but think large enough so you have the opportunity to grow and expand. Once you have your starting point, focus on your companies data and technology as this will help you create a customized personal experience. If your company hasn’t jumped on the customer experience train yet, it’s time to start now!