New York

Our people at our New York location truly love the city that never sleeps due to its multiple industries, including Silicon Alley, Tech Valley, and Wall Street--which are home to some of our favorite clients. A city of investment, exports, media, entertainment, and tourism, New York is also a city known for its emphasis on education, research and endless possibilities. This makes New York a perfect backdrop to Zion & Zion’s powerful approach to strategy-informed by in-depth research.

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Our experts can be found in our locations nationwide. Zion & Zion has team members coast-to-coast who are experts in: marketing, advertising, strategy, customer data platforms, UX, and more. We have a passion for creating strategic and roadmaps backed by in-depth research and data. Our combination of endless learning and utilization of technology allows our clients to outpace their competition and drive ROI. No other company intersects strategy and creativity so well and turns it into impact for its clients. Let’s get started on our collaborative work together.

Aimee Bos
A Zion & Zion New Yorker
VP, Analytics & Data Strategy

Meet Aimee, a talented digital analytics expert with years of experience. She has a vast knowledge using platforms such as: Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics, Tealium iQ & Universal Data Hub, Tableau, IBM Cognos as well as with Digital Analytics, Customer 360, Customer Data Platforms, Analytics Maturity, and Tool Selection & Platform Adoption. Connect with Aimee to understand how your company can use analytics data to inform your business strategy!