We implemented a multi-milestone testing strategy to validate the expected superiority of a new web design for Chas Roberts. Post launch, the actual lead gen performance was measured and indeed confirmed that the new site was generating additional leads as expected.

We tested the impact of two versions of a TV spot for Goodwill to assess the difference in impact on people’s intentions to donate items. The study used experimental design with an unexposed control group serving as the baseline. Both TV spots had a significant impact on people’s intention to donate, with one TV spot driving an 8% lift.

We developed a rapidly deployable, high impact campaign to drive donations to feed the client’s business cycle: Donations drive inventory; the inventory drives shopping revenue; the shopping revenue drives investment in Goodwill’s career centers; the career centers find people jobs with over 1,000 employers. Initial campaign deployment resulted in a 24% increase in donations over a 3+ week period.

Our development of the ‘Leave a Legacy’ campaign, including TV commercial development and screen-agnostic media placement resulted in a 37.92% increase in organ donor registrations.

We serve as the client’s PR and media agency of record. While the relationship is ongoing, in our first year of work with the client, our PR team achieved a record-breaking 1,079 media hits.

Our national Public Relations campaign resulted in over 230 broadcast TV and radio media hits for the nation’s largest child abuse prevention non-profit.

We overhauled the client’s brand by developing a new tagline, logo layout, marketing campaigns and website. Appointment bookings grew 214.5% year-over-year.

We developed an influencer marketing strategy for a fashion industry client that drove the client’s message to an audience of over 75 million people and resulted in a sales volume increase of 349%.

We developed and implemented a hypothesis-driven email marketing program that outperformed the 14 other media types in use by the client. Comparative ROI versus the other media types ranged from 32.5% to 1305.4%.

The client was managing their own $10K per month Google Ad Grant. However, not for any lack of trying, the client was only able to spend approximately 40% of the funds each month. Our digital team took over management of the client’s account and were not only able to consume the full $10K, but were able to satisfy the highly competitive set of requirements to enter the Google Ad Grantspro program which awarded the client a $40K per month budget.

We developed a custom Magento eCommerce/Google Analytics solution that addresses a key attribution challenge. Namely linking a group of purchases by individual, yet related customers to the marketing channel that led to the first purchase by a customer in that group.

We review the positive impact that a three-year-long content marketing strategy, developed and fully implemented by our team, had on our client’s rankings, web traffic, and sales. Organic web traffic more than doubled. First-page Google rankings have become abundant; and the client is having record revenue months.

Our digital marketing team conducted an in-depth analysis of all steps in the path from paid search click, to call, to appointment booking, to revenue, for one of the U.S.’ largest independent HVAC and plumbing services company. The analysis provided deep insight and substantial ROI improvement.

We rebranded this SaaS company and developed a playful, yet compelling, campaign delivered through PR, events, content marketing, and B2B social media. Lead flow increased 352%. Due to dramatic and continuous growth, a private equity firm has now made a major equity investment in the company.

Our media buying and analytics team was able to demonstrate a strong and statistically significant connection between our Zillow and Trulia display banner advertising and visits to the DMB Eastmark visitor center building. The strongest connection was demonstrated in our third regression model (out of four) where the outcome variable was visits to the DMB Eastmark visitor center two weeks after Zillow and Trulia display banner advertising impressions.

As agency of record, we developed an integrated Halloween Campaign for Goodwill that incorporated outdoor, digital, in-store signage, email, and TV. Year-over-year Halloween sales increased by 34%.

We developed new positioning and a new brand for this regional company seeking to become national. B2B marketing deliverables included: logo, tagline, collateral, and a new website, as was an interactive virtual representation of the client’s manufacturing process and facility. The result was 49.97% year-over-year revenue growth.

We developed and managed a social media strategy to deepen engagement with key audiences. As a result, Organic Page Likes increased 55%, Organic Followers increased 31%, Organic Average Post Reach increased 249%, Organic Average Replies increased 400%, and Organic Average Post Likes increased 1,000%.

Adding a branding campaign to our existing direct response marketing campaigns increased monthly sales 51.3% during the lowest performing month of the branding campaign and increased monthly sales 115.2% during the highest performing month of the branding campaign.

Our brand strategy team developed four research-based, strategic insights. We then leveraged these insights to reposition the client as a true lifestyle brand via a new logo, website, email marketing, print, and TV campaigns. Year-over-year same-store-sales for the campaign period increased 17%.

Our online marketing team conducted an A/B test and deep statistical analyses that focused on six distinct hypotheses that included not only lead gen differences, but also differences in: average transaction size, total revenue, and closure rate. This case study illustrates how simply focusing on a single conversion metric is insufficient.

We conducted user testing on various parts of the new website that we were building for the client. We found usability issues with 14.3% of users (90% confidence interval of 0% to 29%). The testing led our UX team to implement a solution to provide a fluid experience for 100% of users.

We developed a 30 second TV spot for the client, focused on brand awareness. Our strategy and analytics team was able to demonstrate that brand awareness increased and that said brand awareness was directly responsible for a 20% revenue increase.

We A/B tested a 10% off vs. a 5% off coupon. The 10% off coupon generated 47.4% more engagement than the 5% coupon. We were able to demonstrate that total profit was actually higher in the case of the 10% off coupon.

We conducted detailed ethnographic and industry research which generated multiple strategic insights. These insights enabled us to rebuild the client’s brand, collateral, website, content strategy, and product packaging. As a result, their international business increased 33% across 18 countries and overall revenue increased 35%.

Our UX team applied a suite of proprietary role playing and interaction techniques, that we refer to as Web Experience Prototyping, as part of their research for this particular web development project. The exercises generated a set of insights that would not easily have been identified by other means. We share the details of our unique approach in this case study.

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