Google Tag Manager is a tag management system on your website or mobile application. With this in place on your site, you have the ability to track anything and everything—well within reason (no Personally Identifiable Information of course)!
Over the years, ‘strategy’ has proven to be more of an exercise in focus rather than an exercise in uniqueness or complexity. We see a lot of ‘let’s do this, and let’s try that, and we need to do more of this and that’, when maybe Occam’s Razor applies best; commonly described as 'the simplest answer is most often correct.’
Based on 2017 U.S. App Store data, Apple reported that 65% of iOS app downloads come directly through App Store searches. Wouldn’t it be great to be at the top of those searches? On June 8, 2016, in a nondescript forum used by app developers, an Apple Staff member, with no picture, and initials dk17 asked developers to join the Search Ads beta program.
Facebook is far more than a place for recipes, family pictures, and kitten videos. It’s also an excellent platform for advertising where even small businesses, with limited budgets, can efficiently reach customers. Even when winging it, Facebook is structured so anyone with minimal skills can navigate without training. However, if you’re really interested in reaching a targeted audience, a precise demographic, and the perfect customer, consider Facebook Blueprint. Facebook Blueprint includes over 50 online training courses covering various topics about online advertising, content, and metrics. By investing time into the eLearning courses, you’ll learn how to use Facebook to its full capacity. After reviewing all the courses, Facebook offers a certification program to show your expertise.
The world of marketing automation is growing, and its capabilities are becoming stronger and more advanced than ever imagined. More and more organizations are prioritizing automation in their overall marketing strategy with 63% of marketers already planning to increase their marketing automation budget this year. New technologies are emerging in the space which brings on new opportunities to engage with your customers and prospects in a way that can be very different from your competition.
Whether you are looking to start an ideation session for a Design Thinking project or just need to come up with some ideas for a new ad campaign, there are several basic tips for running a brainstorming session that you can adopt from the Design Thinking process. These tips will help you tap the minds of your participants to generate some truly creative ideas. You don’t need to be an expert at the concepts behind Design Thinking to run a great brainstorming session. I’ll talk you through it and when we’re done, you’ll be ready to facilitate your own brainstorming session for any topic or project that you need.
I had the opportunity to ship off to the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, TX, to attend the 2018 Smart Social Summit, put on by the newly merged Spredfast + Lithium. When I wasn’t enjoying Torchy’s Tacos or a Voodoo Doughnut on National Doughnut Day, I was learning from some of the most forward-thinking minds and brands on social media today. Continue reading to learn about the insights I brought back with me from this gathering of over 700 social media and marketing leaders.
JavaScript, a web development language that has been around for over a decade, is the most-used language for front-end web development. Over the years, JavaScript has improved and developed new capabilities to add, modify, remove, and completely change Document Object Model (DOM) elements on a website.