From the more straightforward and clean use of photography to the vague and thought provoking use of imagery (and usually minimal text), all these categories are used separately, as well as in collaboration, to make something interesting and should be considered when thinking about the message you are trying to communicate. The key takeaway is to consider your audience, what they value, and how you can translate those values into a visual that is relevant. Using these categories is a great starting point for understanding how to communicate to different audiences.

Movement in design can greatly improve the user's overall experience, when the design of the animation/movement is done well and for the right reasons. Remember to think about who your users are, what they would be drawn to, and whether or not the animation fits into the overall strategy of your website and/or mobile application. In the end, with the right UX tools, design elements, and technology on your side, you'll be one step closer to creating powerful and purposeful movement in your designs.

Let’s say your business has an active PPC campaign, spending thousands of dollars annually on a few keywords highly relevant in your industry. If your business is making such a massive investment to capture those keywords in paid search, it sends a clear signal: these keywords are valuable to our business. How much of a priority are those same keywords within your SEO department? Better yet, are those keywords even on their radar?

The Adobe Creative Suite is comprised of a catalog of software that has become the industry standard for executing professional design work. With programs for everything from photo, audio and video editing to animation, digital illustration and web development, they have cornered the marketplace through their robust and deeply integrated suite of products.

One of the biggest aspects of paid search, and online marketing in general, is reporting. Paid search reports let clients know how their campaigns are performing and, second to ROI, they are often seen by the client as the most important part of paid search. In this article, we’ll go over the types of reporting you can do for your paid search campaigns and give you some tips on how you can best create these reports.

If you have a business, you should probably be on social media, especially if your business is B2C (business to consumer). After all, that’s likely where your customers are. But unfortunately, simply setting up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram often isn’t enough. Read on to find out the three keys to achieving social media success for your business. By posting engaging content, putting money behind your efforts, and interacting with your followers, you should be on the path to success on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for your business.

In an industry that’s ever changing, it’s important to stay updated on the latest topics and newest technologies. This conference not only showcased the latest and greatest, like CSS Grid, but also reminded me of tried-and-true solutions that produce results, like image optimization. After attending An Event Apart, I felt creatively recharged and extremely excited to implement base on the new knowledge I gained. Each of the topics covered has the chance to be tested and incorporated in the development team’s work flow at Zion & Zion.

If you’re in college looking to build up your resume, or if you’re out of college and looking to get your foot in the door with a company through an internship, this article is for you. It’s a major assumption by working professionals that colleges are preparing the next generation with best practices for interviews. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, and these professionals are shocked when they encounter just the opposite during their intern interviews.

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