Content Strategist


LOCATION: We are based–as is this position–in Tempe, AZ—an upbeat college town in the Greater Phoenix Metro area.

WE ARE: A full-service marketing, PR, social media, advertising and interactive agency. We have a team of approximately 30 people and a culture driven by innovation, fun and a wealth of both young and experienced talent.

OUR LEADERSHIP: Our firm was founded by Aric Zion (pronounced Eric), who holds a Master’s in Computer Engineering and has both MBA and PhD level training in marketing, and DuGué Zion (pronounced Doo-gay), who holds an MBA.  The combination of their Fortune 100 business and technical experience, as well as international assignments in Japan and Europe, has given them a tremendous amount of valuable knowledge as well as a depth and breadth of experience that has enabled our firm to achieve things that other firms only dream of with respect to true integration across PR, social media, interactive and traditional campaigns.

OUR CULTURE: We have a flat management structure and a “no-walls” office layout that facilitates collaboration and open communication across departments.  We also have an office dog, so if you don’t like dogs, that’s a deal breaker.  You should also be fond of impromptu movie outings, happy hours, company lake days on the company boat and jet skis. If you’re not, then our medical coverage will allow you to have your head examined.

OUR CREDENTIALS: We are currently ranked as the #3 Ad Agency, #1 PR firm, #1 Social Media firm, and #1 Online Marketing firm in Arizona. We also hold positions in the top interactive firms and top web development firms lists in the Phoenix Business Journal’s Book of Lists.  Very important to us is our ranking as the #4 Best Place to Work in the Greater Phoenix area (companies <25 people). This ranking is particularly important to us because it allowed our employees to dress up as cowboys and cowgirls at the western themed event that celebrated the winners—natural of you to ask at this point if we get out much.

THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF THE JOB:  We’re looking for an exceptional individual.  If it’s you, you’ll be part of the cornerstone of our firm’s Content Strategy/Content Marketing offerings. Here’s our wish list—it’s ambitious, so we ask that you are as well:

Being creative and an excellent writer goes without saying as being required.  What we’re looking for is someone whose skills go beyond the basics. Specifically, the ideal candidate will also have the following skills and experience:

  • Developing Content Strategy for various Zion & Zion clients
  • Preparing Content Strategy documents/presentations for client and internal use
  • Proposing and driving to completion the development of content be it written, video, interactive tools, etc.
  • Proposing and driving the visual display of online content with respect to the client’s website layout, and interface with the Zion & Zion Web Design team to ensure implementation
  • Interfacing with the Zion & Zion PR/Social Media team to expand distribution of client content
  • Interfacing with the Zion & Zion Internet Marketing & Analytics team to ensure tracking and reporting with respect to client content viewing/use and also to ensure proper search engine optimization of content
  • Interfacing with the Zion & Zion Web/Mobile Applications Development team to ensure implementation of client Content Strategy-specific applications and features
  • Speak and present to clients on Content Strategy in general and direction for their Content Strategy in particular
  • Attend industry conferences on Content Strategy and Content Marketing and Development
  • Develop and Maintain Zion & Zion’s Content Strategy Offering Document
  • Act as the Zion & Zion agency expert on all things related to Content Strategy and Content Development
    • Identify new Content Strategy concepts and ideas
    • Regularly review Content Strategy blogs and publications and integrate worthwhile ideas into Zion & Zion’s Content Strategy offerings
    • Contribute to the Zion & Zion blog with respect to Content Strategy and Content Development
    • Actively engage on Twitter via your own personal account and via the @ZionandZion account regarding Content Strategy-related topics
    • Actively engage and post on the Zion & Zion Facebook account with respect to Content Strategy, content being developed and to maintain the “personality” of our agency
  • Provide guidance on information architecture to drive the structure and organization of content with respect to various customer segments and to maintain a balance between information presentation and information function
    • Develop site maps to illustrate navigation and accessibility of content
    • Develop content maps to illustrate how content and pages interact with other content and pages
    • Develop page schematics: Black and white line drawings or block diagrams to hand off to a visual designer. These may, or may not, reflect layout and are used mostly to inform the designer and the client exactly what information, links, content, promotional space, and navigation will be on every page of the site. Schematics also help illustrate priority.
    • Develop storyboards to illustrate concepts, interaction and flow

3-5 years work experience in developing interactive content

2+ years experience in an agency setting

2+ experience in creating/writing content for Web or other
digital media

Fluency in Microsoft Windows-based desktop applications: Word, PowerPoint, Excel

4 year degree in marketing, marketing communications, journalism or a related area

Yep, we want it all.  We hope you do too. Are you the guy or gal for the job?