PPC Marketing Specialist


LOCATION: We are based, as is this position, in Tempe, AZ—an upbeat college town in the Greater Phoenix Metro area.

WE ARE: A full-service advertising, interactive, marketing, PR, and social media agency. We have a team of approximately three dozen people and a culture driven by innovation, fun and a wealth of energetic and experienced talent.  We are also the only long tenured, substantially sized full-service agency to have NEVER laid off an employee and to have experienced consistent quarter-over-quarter revenue growth for our entire ten years in business.

OUR LEADERSHIP: Our firm was founded by Aric Zion (pronounced Eric), who holds a Master’s in Computer Engineering and has both MBA and PhD level training in marketing, and DuGué Zion (pronounced Doo-gay), who holds an MBA.  The combination of their Fortune 100 business and technical backgrounds, as well as international assignments in Japan and Europe, has given them the depth and breadth of experience that has enabled our firm to achieve things that other firms only dream of with respect to true integration across PR, social media, interactive and traditional campaigns.

OUR CULTURE: We have a flat management structure and a “no-walls” office layout that facilitates collaboration and open communication across departments.  We also have an office dog, so if you don’t like dogs, that’s a deal breaker.  You should also be fond of impromptu movie outings, happy hours, and company lake days on the company boat and jet skis. If you’re not, then our medical coverage will allow you to have your head examined.

  • We work hard, and we play hard. But we don’t work people to death. You can expect a 45 to 55 hour week.
  • We provide ample opportunities for outside learning and try to send each team member to two multi-day, out-of-state conferences per year.
  • We treat our team members as well as we treat our clients. In fact, the new 14,000 sq ft Zion & Zion building which we just moved into was designed with the detailed input of every team member and with furnishings and features that are all about team member collaboration and enjoyment, including a pool table, 14 ft shuffleboard, dart board, arcade games, surround sound theatre, and two kegerators.

OUR CREDENTIALS: We are currently ranked amongst the top agencies in Arizona, with various sources also ranking us as #1 Online Marketing, #1 Ad Agency, #1 PR firm, and #1 Social Media firm. Very important to us is our ranking as the #1 Best Place to Work in the Greater Phoenix area (companies up to 50 people) and being ranked as a Top Company to Work for in Arizona by Career Builder.

THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF THE JOB:  We’re looking for an exceptional individual.  If it’s you, you’ll be an integral part of our agencies online marketing and digital strategy efforts. Here’s our wish list—it’s ambitious, so we ask that you are as well:

Being great with constructing and managing search engine marketing campaigns goes without saying as being required.  What we’re looking for is someone whose skills go beyond the basics. Specifically, the ideal candidate will be a quantitative and marketing magician (we provide rabbit and hat, but you must have your own wand) and will also:

  • Have at least two to three years of experience in PPC campaign management, with your most recent/current job being in PPC management. THIS IS A MUST. IF THIS IS NOT THE CASE, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY.
  • Hold a current Google Adwords certification
  • Come from an agency background, or at least from a company where you’ve had to manage diverse sets of PPC campaigns, as this job requires extreme multi-tasking
  • Be highly proficient in manipulating data via spreadsheets, pivot tables and databases.
  • Have a track record of conceiving of innovative ways to segment data in order to generate insightful revisions to online marketing campaigns
  • Possess the marketing savvy and experience to propose and drive landing page and site structure changes so as to increase client ROI
  • Have deep experience with Google analytics
  • Have the ability to construct advanced segments and filtering in tools such as Google Analytics
  • Effectively interface with the CEO, COO, and Design & Interactive team to drive landing page evolution
  • Have familiarity with business concepts such as customer lifetime value as well as an understanding of basic financial concepts such as fixed vs. variable cost, marginal revenue and marginal cost, net present value, etc. so as to appropriately and effectively consider the impact of search marketing and display campaigns on these client metrics.

If your work or work ethic is just on par with that of other people in PPC marketing, then this is absolutely not the job or place for you. One of the people that you’ll interview with is our CEO, who holds a Masters in Computer Engineering and one of our other online marketing managers who was formerly a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley. If your analytical and quant skills aren’t close to keeping up with theirs, you probably shouldn’t apply. Our organization’s flat management structure places tremendous important on self-sufficiency, and quite honestly, we only hire the best of the best.

Exceptional oral and written communications skills and ability to present to clients are a must.

Yep, we want it all.  We hope you do too. Are you the guy or gal for the job?