Senior Analyst and Statistical Modeler


LOCATION: We are based–as is this position–in Tempe, AZ—an upbeat college town in the Greater Phoenix Metro area.

WE ARE: A full-service marketing, PR, social media, advertising and interactive agency. We have a team of approximately 30 people and a culture driven by innovation, fun and a wealth of both young and experienced talent.

OUR LEADERSHIP: Our firm was founded by Aric Zion (pronounced Eric), who holds a Master’s in Computer Engineering and has both MBA and PhD level training in marketing, and DuGué Zion (pronounced Doo-gay), who holds an MBA.  The combination of their Fortune 100 business and technical experience, as well as international assignments in Japan and Europe, has given them a tremendous amount of valuable knowledge as well as a depth and breadth of experience that has enabled our firm to achieve things that other firms only dream of with respect to true integration across PR, social media, interactive and traditional campaigns.

OUR CULTURE: We have a flat management structure and a “no-walls” office layout that facilitates collaboration and open communication across departments.  We also have an office dog, so if you don’t like dogs, that’s a deal breaker.  You should also be fond of impromptu movie outings, happy hours, company lake days on the company boat and jet skis. If you’re not, then our medical coverage will allow you to have your head examined.

OUR CREDENTIALS: We are currently ranked as the #1 Ad Agency, #1 PR firm, #1 Social Media firm, #1 Online Marketing firm and #1 Graphic Design firm in Arizona. We also hold positions in the top interactive firms and top web development firms lists in the Phoenix Business Journal’s Book of Lists.  Very important to us is our ranking as the #2 Best Place to Work in the Greater Phoenix area (companies <50 people). This ranking stems from our amazing culture and workplace, outings on the company boat and jetskis, and our many many employee events from resort weekends away to our annual CrabFest where we fly in fresh stone crabs from Miami Beach.

THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF THE JOB:  We’re looking for an exceptional individual.  If it’s you, you’ll be part of the cornerstone of our firm’s marketing and analysis efforts.  Here’s our wish list—it’s ambitious, so we ask that you are as well.

You’ll need to be extremely well versed in statistics, and it is highly unlikely that someone without a Masters in Statistics or Applied Mathematics or something similar will have the skills for this position. You’ll need to be expert in the creation of regression models, time series models and other modeling techniques. There is no time to learn this on the job, so please do not apply if your knowledge in this area isn’t significant and up to date. You will need some background in programming. You don’t have to be a hardcore programmer, but some background is absolutely necessary. You will need to be business savvy and have exceptional written and oral communications skills as you will be presenting to clients that have years of business experience. So, if you don’t understand concepts like revenue, margins, return on investment, etc., then you also should not apply. Some experience is web analytics is desirable, but not mandatory.

In this position you will be taking inputs such as web traffic data, schedules for TV and radio spots, marketing spend, revenue generated, etc. and building models to assess what effect the independent variables had on the dependent variables (such as revenue and web visitor count). This may sound easy, but it gets complex quickly as you’ll have to have the skills to apply the right math and algorithms to remove seasonal and other trends from parts of the data. Further complicating this is the fact that you may lack statistical significance and have to have the marketing savvy to use directional indicators without statistical significance to make recommendations based on what you see in your models and the data. So, if you’re just a “technician” and expect or need someone else to do the “soft” part, then this is also not the job for you.

Yep, we want it all. We hope you do too. Are you the guy or gal for the job?