Sr Director Data Science & Analytics


LOCATION: We are based, as is this position, in Tempe, AZ—an upbeat college town in the Greater Phoenix Metro area.

WE ARE: A full-service advertising, interactive, marketing, PR, and social media agency. We have a team of over 40 people and a culture driven by innovation, fun and a wealth of energetic and experienced talent.

OUR CULTURE: We have a flat organization (i.e. no managers, no hierarchy, no silos) and a “no-walls” office layout that facilitates collaboration and open communication across departments. We also have an office dog, so if you don’t like dogs, that’s a deal breaker.

You should also be fond of movie days, happy hours, pool parties and BBQs at the Zions’ home, impromptu gatherings of team members, and enjoying a brew from one of the two full-size office kegs.

We also offer free snacks and drinks; film screenings at the office in our surround-sound Café with 18-foot movie screen; a 14-foot-long shuffle board table; a full-size pool table; dart board; full-size video arcade game with 135 games; and an amazing office from an architectural, interior design, and functional perspective that the Business Journal called out as The Coolest Office Building in Arizona.

The crowning jewel of every year here at Zion & Zion is a truly epic, weekend-long, agency holiday party at a local upscale resort that includes: two hotel nights for agency team members and their significant others, a Friday evening get together, a Saturday spa day and lunch, a Saturday evening cocktail reception, a Saturday night multi-course dinner at an upscale restaurant, a Sunday morning Mimosa and Bloody Mary get together, and a Sunday late-morning buffet brunch.

OUR BENEFITS: Our benefits include health insurance, dental, vision, and a 401(k), as well as the most comprehensive professional development and conference attendance program of any agency in the state.

OUR CREDENTIALS: Each year we are among the top Ad Agencies in Arizona, and for several years have been ranked the #1 PR firm. We also hold positions in the top interactive firms and top web development firms lists in the Business Journal’s Book of Lists. Very important to us is our ranking by both The Business Journal and Career Builder as a Best Place to Work.

THE NUTS AND BOLTS: We’re looking for an exceptional individual. If that’s you, you’ll be collaborating with our Sr. Director of Marketing Science as well as data handlers and analysts across multiple departments, including media, paid search, marketing research, and user experience, to lead our agency’s data science and marketing analytics efforts.

You’ll need to be extremely well versed in statistics, business analytics, and modeling, as well as marketing. It is highly unlikely that someone without a Masters in Statistics or Applied Mathematics or a Masters in Business Analytics will have the skills for this position. You’ll need to be an expert in the creation of regression models, time series models and other modeling techniques. There is little time to learn on the job, so please do not apply if your knowledge in this area isn’t significant and up to date. You will need some background in programming and databases (e.g. R, Python, and MySQL). You don’t have to be a hardcore programmer, but some background is absolutely necessary. You will need to be business savvy and have exceptional written and oral communications skills, as you will be presenting to client directors and CxOs. So, if you don’t understand concepts like gross margins, return on investment, return on ad spend, marginal cost/marginal revenue, etc., then you also should not apply. Some experience in web analytics is desirable, but not mandatory.

In this position you will be taking inputs such as web traffic data, schedules for TV and radio spots, marketing spend, client performance data, customer voice data, etc. and building models related to these data sources. This gets complex quickly, as you’ll have to have the skills to apply the right models, math, and algorithms to remove seasonal and other trends from parts of the data. Further complicating this is the fact that you may lack statistical significance in your analyses, and you therefore need to have the business/marketing savvy to use directional indicators and your own experience and anecdotal evidence and personal sense of things to make recommendations based on what you see in your models and the data. So, if you’re just a “technician” and expect or need someone else to do the “soft” part, then this is also not the position for you.


  • Extensive experience with multiple modeling techniques, including regression, cluster analysis, time series models, etc.
  • Experience with Tableau–i.e. not just using Tableau to view dashboards, but experience creating data visualizations and utilizing Tableau prep
  • Experience with R, Python, MySQL and/or other programming and statistics languages
  • PhD or Master’s in a highly mathematical discipline such as engineering, business analytics, statistics, or applied mathematics, preferred, however, work experience and other degrees will be considered.
  • MBA and/or experience in a management/business consulting a definite plus
  • 2 years+ work experience marketing a plus
  • Ability to quickly understand the various contexts within which Zion & Zion operates along with the types of data available for analysis, and to quickly determine where you can be of value to the agency and our clients (areas include social media, paid search, traditional/digital media and user experience)
  • Ability to focus at times on descriptive analytics as well as predictive analytics
  • Ability to self-start, show initiative, and to create your own projects. If you need a lot of hand-holding or management, then this isn’t the position for you
  • Ability and desire to create website content (articles and research) for our agency website

Yep, we want it all. We hope you do too. Are you the guy or gal for the job?