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PR Efforts Generate 230+ National Broadcast Media Hits


Our national Public Relations campaign resulted in over 230+ broadcast TV and radio media hits for the nation’s largest child abuse prevention non-profit.


Childhelp is the nation’s oldest and largest non-governmental child abuse prevention organization. For nearly six decades, founders Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson have built an effective organization with the assistance of volunteers, trained staff, elected officials representing local and national government, celebrity ambassadors, and many others. Childhelp currently administers programs in all 50 states with physical extensions in 13 states.

Five children die every day from child abuse and neglect. However, child abuse prevention was not top of mind at a time during which the national debate was over education and the war on terror.

Part 2: the strategy

Our strategy and research team conducted interviews with a variety of Childhelp’s internal and external stakeholders, and digested secondary research available from a variety of governmental and private sector sources. Our team’s strategic insights included the following:

Childhelp was currently relying on an aging demographic for financial support, but had a major opportunity to pass the baton to Millennials as their financial resources grew to the point where they could become substantial donors.

Child Help Social Right Side - Insight 2Childhelp was under-leveraging local communities as a strategic asset and therefore had the opportunity to drive program adoption at the grassroots level.

Based on these insights, we developed a strategy to appeal to local communities of potential volunteers, donors, and celebrity ambassadors and to cultivate awareness with Millennials.

To facilitate this, messaging had to be developed that would “stick.” While one would think that the simple fact that child abuse is abhorrent would be a strong enough message in itself, the reality is that we had to come up with a way to make the message stay with people. With that challenge at hand, our team created the #FiveTooMany campaign. In short, approximately five children per day die as a result of child abuse.

Our PR tactics included:

  • Conducting proactive media relations
  • Driving attendance at the Childhelp “Drive the Dream Gala”
  • Developing and distributing the Childhelp #FiveTooMany PSA (public service announcement)
  • Crafting a media tour


The results of our PR efforts on behalf of Childhelp were substantial in terms of not only brand awareness and media hits, but also in terms of the KPIs shown below.