Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a major technological pillar of society that touches upon nearly every aspect of day-to-day life. From face ID and image recognition, to digital voice assistants (Siri, Google, Alexa), fraud detection for banking, maps, and so much more, the impact of AI is far-reaching.

AI has become so normalized, that we don’t even recognize it anymore, and the content-marketing space is not immune to this growing phenomenon. Now more than ever, it’s imperative for content marketers to understand the impacts of AI and how it’s changing the digital marketing landscape as we know it.

Benefits of AI

Within the last decade or so, marketers alike have begun to realize the valuable role AI plays when it comes to optimizing marketing strategies. In content marketing, AI can help teams streamline content development processes, enhance the user experience, and even increase ROI.

Reduced Time Spent on the Creative Process

Similar to the invention of the printing press, AI writing tools continue to disrupt and evolve the way content marketers create and communicate. The creative process will become more streamlined as AI tools become more sophisticated.

Content marketers will no longer need to spend hours generating ideas, writing, or even editing. With the implementation of an AI writing tool, the repetitive parts of the creation process can be left to the AI, while human employees can better utilize their time.

Enhanced CX

A 2018 study conducted by Epsilon found that 80% of customers are more likely to do business with a company if they provide personalized experiences. This statistic highlights how crucial it is for brands to embrace AI and use it to deliver the tailored experiences customers demand.

Organizations can use AI and machine learning to collect and analyze historical customer behavioral data to better and more accurately understand their audience. AI will help brands identify and segment an audience based on the behaviors identified in the data. Thus, allowing brands to glean deeper insights on customer needs and interests to then deliver highly relevant content and experiences.

Improved ROI

As mentioned above, customers are more likely to purchase from brands they know and trust. A couple of ways to gain familiarity and build that trust is through the development of content such as blogs and social media posts – this is where AI comes in.

The implementation of an AI writing tool can help brands build trust amongst its customers and creates a competitive edge by having consistent content. With the investment of an AI writing tool, organizations typically see an improvement on ROI because AI helps generate consistent content/posts across different platforms, reaching even broader audiences.

How AI Tools Help Content Marketers

Content has become a critical factor for enhancing a brand’s voice and story. As the demand for more content increases, AI will alleviate the stress and burden to generate new innovative content. Here are just a few writing tools that can uplevel your copywriting efforts:

Jasper – Writing Tool

Jasper is a great tool if you’re looking for AI to create original blog posts, ad copy headlines, and more. Jasper provides multiple templates to streamline and support your content creation process while still delivering quality content. – Writing Tool is a great AI writing tool it you’re looking to have copy that is equally creative as is effective. This tool is also helpful if you’re wanting to improve your writing by practicing different copywriting prompts.

Grammarly – Proofreading Tool

Grammarly is a top-tier writing tool that will take your writing from good to excellent. Grammarly uses AI to check spelling, grammar, as well as spot contextual errors to help improve your writing.

Ink – Writing and SEO Tool

Ink Editor is a two for one AI writing tool that aids with copywriting and SEO. This tool helps create unique content that will also help you rank higher among search engines and generate more organic traffic to your site.

Why AI won’t Replace Content Marketers

Even though AI has dramatically improved within the last couple of years and will only continue to become more sophisticated, AI still presents its own set of unique limitations that will prevent it from replacing content marketers anytime soon.

The Human Connection

AI lacks the most basic aspect needed to create impactful and meaningful content – human connection. Content developers rely on their human connection and their innate ability to relate to their readers using emotions. Emotions such as empathy, passion, and creativity are at the core of how writers become storytellers and connect with an audience – this is a skill AI has not mastered. Although AI has many benefits, it is not a silver bullet, and marketing will still need the human touch.

Search Engines Favor Quality Content

Many search engines, including Google, will continue to favor quality content over automatically generated content. So much so that your content can be penalized and flagged as spam – thus negatively affecting your ranking and authority. Google will continue to reward those who create content with user experience top of mind versus those who cater content to please the algorithm. AI simplifies the process of content creation, but it can’t create truly original pieces.


Even though there are some shortcomings, AI can still provide many benefits and will continue to play a vital role for content marketers. At the end of the day, AI is here to stay, and content marketers should remember that AI is a tool best used for collaboration and not a replacement.