Phoenix, AZ – August 4, 2008 – Global climate change, one of the key environmental issues of our time, has taken center stage at leading Phoenix- and Atlanta-based marketing strategy and advertising firm Zion & Zion. Realizing that leadership is only demonstrated through example, the top mid-sized firm has taken the step to totally offset the carbon footprint of its operations over the next 12 months. Through the identification of the components of the firm’s carbon footprint and investment in carbon offsets, Zion & Zion will counteract its footprint 100%.

While other marketing and advertising industry firms have engaged in significant activities to reduce their carbon footprints through various employee programs and such, Zion & Zion is the first to take full responsibility for the carbon footprint that it creates or causes to be created through its operations. Zion & Zion’s carbon offset program includes not only the firm’s direct use of electricity and production of waste, but also the commuting of its employees as well as all employee travel and the significant power usage by the company’s datacenter.

Zion & Zion’s carbon footprint calculations were performed by carbon offset industry experts using methods and standards set forth by The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative (GHG Protocol). Zion & Zion’s carbon offset investments include investing in projects that meet the standards and protocol consistent with an established registry, including, for example, the 1605(b) program of the 1992 Energy Policy Act, administered by the Energy Information Administration of the U.S. Department of Energy.

Zion & Zion CEO, Aric Zion, commented, “It’s a commitment that every corporation and individual should make, and it’s a real way to literally do your part, because when it comes to carbon footprint it’s not an overwhelming task to determine exactly what your carbon footprint is and to do something about it.”

Company COO, DuGué Zion, added, “While we already have a bevy of clients whose products are truly ‘green’ or, at a minimum, much ‘greener’ than their competitors’, we’ve asked ourselves what we can do as a firm, and the total offset of our carbon footprint emerged as part of our go forward strategy with respect to operations and our culture in general.”
CEO, Aric Zion, added, “While some climate change is natural and inevitable, the ability to meaningfully engage in reducing and/or counteracting climate change driven by industrialization is a key factor in the ongoing success of businesses today, as well as the ongoing health and habitability of our planet.”

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