Phoenix, AZ – May 19, 2008 – Since its conception in 1980 as a pilot science center by the Junior League of Phoenix (later incorporated as a private, non-profit corporation in 1982), Arizona Science Center has reached out to millions of Arizona residents and tourists.

The Center’s current facilities include more than 40,000 square-feet of gallery space containing more than 300 hands-on exhibits; an IMAX® Theater seating 285; a newly renovated Dorrance Planetarium seating 200; a suite of classrooms; amenities including a gift shop, food service and lunchroom; and support facilities.

However, this launch of Arizona Science Center’s new interactive, online exhibits, conceived of, designed and implemented by leading advertising and interactive marketing firm Zion & Zion, represents the Science Center’s first overt effort to extend the core of its expertise in cyberspace. While over the next three years, visitors will witness and experience the exciting transformation of Arizona Science Center through its $25.2 million “The Future of Education is Science” capital and endowment program, the Zion & Zion online exhibits will work in parallel to initiate the online transformation of the Science Center.

Arizona Science Center President and CEO, Chevy Humphrey, remarked, “The online exhibits designed by Zion & Zion are a wonderful start to an increased online presence for the Science Center. What the team at Zion & Zion has done is simply amazing. They’ve not only built on existing American Psychological Association exhibit concepts, but they’ve completely modernized those concepts and made them web-based and appealing to today’s generation.”

The Zion & Zion online exhibits consist of six modules, each with its own theme, and each focused on demonstrating a different aspect of science including: language, emotion, reaction time and memory.
Zion & Zion CEO Aric Zion stated, “Our team had a blast working on this. The early stages of the project consisted of long hours of conceptualizing and experimenting with the possibilities, followed by an implementation phase where our designers and programmers brought the concepts to life with both style, content, and interactivity. We’re extremely pleased with how well received our work has been.”

Those interested in exploring the exhibits can do so on the Science Center’s website at
For more information on Zion & Zion, please visit the company’s website at

About Arizona Science Center:
The mission of Arizona Science Center is to inspire, educate and entertain people of all ages about science. The Center is committed to providing quality programming to its members and visitors that appeals to all age levels. Arizona Science Center, located at 600 E. Washington St. in Copper Square in downtown Phoenix, features more than 300 hands-on exhibits, live demonstrations, a multi-media planetarium and an IMAX theater. For more information, visit the web site at or call 602-716-2000.