TEMPE, Ariz. – December 21, 2011 – Barro’s Pizza, Arizona’s largest dine-in/delivery pizza chain, family owned and operated since 1980, has completed its review of Arizona-based agencies and has selected Zion & Zion as its agency of record. The 31 Barro’s Pizza locations, owned and operated by a variety of different Barro family members, made the strategic decision to interview Arizona-based agencies in order to lead the company’s overall marketing, branding, advertising, PR, social media and web development efforts going forward.

Owner-Operator Ken Barro stated, “Our family has grown this business to 31 locations. And, while we have been successful, we knew that it was time to professionalize our PR, to ramp up our social media, to overhaul our website, and to evolve our marketing strategy beyond ‘couponing.’ So, after interviewing several firms and asking for proposals, we selected Zion & Zion for their experience, integration and ‘business-first’ approach.”

Zion & Zion CEO Aric Zion (@ariczion) commented, “Barro’s Pizza is an institution and the de facto leader in the ‘Pizza Wars’ when it comes to dine-in / delivery. So, we have an excellent foundation to build on. The Barro’s Pizza account team here has already started working on an integrated strategy to fuel ‘trial’ and ‘loyalty’ customer behaviors by leveraging PR, social media, web development, and broadcast media. Stay tuned—this is going to be a fun one.”

About Barro’s Pizza
Back in the 1930’s Angelina Barro was baking pizza, using only the freshest ingredients and allowing enough time and care to make the best pizzas down on Taylor Street in Chicago. In those days only family and friends in the neighborhood were able to enjoy her delicious pizzas. Angelina’s sons, Angelo and John, have since opened restaurants; starting in Chicago in 1961, and now have many locations throughout Arizona.

Angelina Barro’s secret to making great pizzas has survived for decades. People may disagree on whether it’s the thick crust with its light, flakey texture, that almost melts in your mouth, or the wonderful spiced sauce that is both tangy and sweet, that is the secret of this great tasting pizza. Still others may say that the generous amount of the highest quality mozzarella cheeses available make this the best tasting pizza around.

Two things are certain… there is no denying Barro’s pizza is delicious and that Angelina Barro knows pizza!! For more information, visit www.barrospizza.com.