Phoenix, AZ – November 5, 2009 – Bodhi Body is a new way to look at healthcare. Through the incorporation of integrated medical and wellness services ranging from IV therapy to yoga and naturopathic medicine, Bodhi Body improves quality of life. In an effort to launch the brand and facility with maximum impact and to rapidly recruit clients, the company has engaged top Phoenix public relations firm and marketing agency Zion & Zion.
Joanna O’Neal, Bodhi Body CEO, commented, “The choice was a difficult one. We had a laundry list of requirements. The firm we chose had to have experience in health and wellness, they had to have exceptional and proven PR abilities, they had to have a team that would get it, and they had to be able to read minds. You know—simple stuff.”

Zion & Zion COO DuGué Zion stated, “The mind reading comes easily to us as it does to many married couples, and that’s what this is—a marriage between our people and Bodhi’s. Our clients aren’t arms length, twelve levels away from us, the principals of Zion & Zion. We’re right there with our clients. Our big company backgrounds have taught us how not to grow our company, and we’ve translated that into personal attention for every client from one of us with our name on the

door as well as from our team. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that this client is going to be a fun one.”

Aric Zion, CEO of Zion & Zion, added, “When it comes to mid-sized clients, we have the leading Health & Wellness practice in the region. Doctors, dentists, medspas, health insurance companies, fitness companies, medical products companies, etc. That gives us the breadth and depth of experience to really bring some serious resources to bear for Bodhi.”

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About Bodhi Body
Bodhi Body Integrative Medical Centers are a new way to look at healthcare. By incorporating integrated medical services, the highest quality natural health products, and unique guided physical activities we represent the future of medicine. We teach our patients and clients to become proactive, either in addressing current disease states or taking preventative measures to improve or maintain their health. Although prevention is very important, many of our patients come to the center with a previously diagnosed disease state, including cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia, or an autoimmune condition like rheumatoid arthritis. In these instances we offer medical advice and therapies that have been proven to address the disease state, decrease symptoms, and assist the body’s return to health.