Phoenix, AZ – January 21, 2009 – Denver-based Enterprise Software Systems has enjoyed rapid development of the market for its state-of-the-art customer relationship and property management software system since launching the product with Zion & Zion’s marketing assistance in early 2008. Adopted now by a variety of firms in a range of industries including healthcare, energy and commercial real estate, ESS has made the decision to bring on Phoenix- and Atlanta-based Zion & Zion to handle all aspects of ESS’ public relations and social media efforts.

ESS President David Boemecke stated, “Since moving from the beta stage to general availability early last year, we’ve been riding a tidal wave of adoption of our CRE Sync software. Now it makes sense for us to spend the time of our internal resources on furthering sales, developing new features, customizing the software and getting it deployed, and to engage professionals to handle our PR and associated social media. We have confidence in Zion & Zion, because we’ve seen how they’ve helped companies like ours grow in the past.”

Zion & Zion CEO, Aric Zion, stated, “We’re pleased to be handling ESS’ PR and related social media and expect to help them to realize significant growth over the coming months. We plan on bringing our significant in-house expertise in high tech & engineering related marketing and PR to bear to ensure continued growth of the CRE Sync customer base.”

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About Enterprise Software Systems:
ESS offers a full range of application portfolio management support, including satisfying project management requirements and providing business case analysis, design, development, quality assurance and performance management services. ESS’ strength lies in Microsoft .NET coding frameworks and development, managed content services for integrating unstructured content into business processes, and alternative delivery channels such as mobility and wireless.