Phoenix, AZ – October 5, 2007 – With technology bringing more and more detailed customer data to marketers every day, thereby enabling customer relationships based on knowledge and research instead of guesswork,
leading Phoenix and Atlanta based marketing firm Zion & Zion has teamed with market leading email provider Silverpop in order to offer Zion & Zion’s clients advanced email marketing solutions that truly produce results.
Building on its extensive experience in consumer psychology, advertising, and CRM, Zion & Zion will use Silverpop technology to take things to the next level.

Zion & Zion COO DuGué Zion commented, “Batch and blast email provides relatively low ROI compared to dynamically assembled emails that enable mass customization and true one-to-one marketing. One size fits all
is a major waste of time, and our clients not only recognize that, but they look to us for solutions. That’s where Silverpop came in.”

Zion & Zion CEO Aric Zion added, “It took us about 200 man hours to complete an evaluation of the major email marketing players out there. The winner—Silverpop. Our clients are looking for solutions that will put them
ahead of their competitors, and our team of creative and advertising experts, combined with our web programming and market research capability will enable us to leverage the Silverpop technology in order to take our clients to new heights.”

Silverpop CEO Bill Nussey stated, “Zion & Zion recognizes how important it is to reach out to customers and prospects with relevant messages that are not only accepted by recipients but that actually resonate with
customers on an individual level. Their strategic guidance combined with Silverpop’s technology will enable their clients to have email marketing campaigns that truly support branding and e-commerce initiatives in very meaningful and results-oriented ways.”

For more information on Zion & Zion, please visit their website at

About Silverpop:
Silverpop, a premier email service provider, supports the online relationship marketing needs of enterprise organizations by delivering the world’s most comprehensive array of on-demand Web-based software solutions.
Its software-as-a-service approach makes it easy and affordable for marketers to create, automate and execute lifecycle multi-channel marketing campaigns that are timely, relevant and measurable. Offering highly scalable
tools supporting both high-volume BtoC marketing initiatives as well as high-involvement BtoB sales processes, Silverpop delivers a robust solution not available elsewhere in the marketplace.

With offices throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom, Silverpop is the only company that has appeared as one of the top two enterprise-oriented email service providers each of the last three years in
JupiterReseach’s annual evaluation. Silverpop provides online relationship marketing support to industry leading companies including Fossil, The Bombay Company, British Sky Broadcasting and more. Best practices and white papers are available at