SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – November 8, 2010  L&G Mortgage Banc (L&G) is the fastest growing mortgage company in the southwest. For 25 years, L&G has been offering a variety of home loan solutions including first-time home-buyer programs, FHA, VA, conventional and jumbo that have helped thousands of southwesterners qualify for otherwise hard to obtain loans. In addition, the company provides one of the most competitive mortgage loan officer career advancement programs in the industry for those looking to make a career change, to further grow their skills or to build and manage a team. Now, this leader in the mortgage industry is making major marketing investments in order to further leverage its brand to grow nationally.

Already acknowledged by its customers and competitors as being one of the leading players in the industry, L&G has engaged top-ranked, Phoenix-based, full-service advertising, public relations, social media and interactive agency Zion & Zion to work across all of L&G’s marketing efforts going forward.

L&G Executive Vice President of Marketing Laura Cohen commented, “Zion & Zion is well known as being one of the most ROI focused agencies in the country. As you know, the mortgage industry has had its ups and downs, and an industry like ours is not easy to understand. What differentiates Zion & Zion is that they come from world-class business backgrounds and not just creative.  This is an exciting time for our company as we look towards further expansion. We needed an adaptable partner—one that can really understand not only the local but national landscape as well as the subtleties of our business.”

Cohen continued, “L&G has a truly unique history in that it was founded a quarter of a century ago by the existing owners, so we know what it takes to survive and meet customer needs during these tough times. The culture mirrors that of smaller companies—strong ethics, family values and teamwork—but in reality we are a company that has developed a powerful mortgage model ensuring competitive rates and unparalleled service, but with that, there are unique challenges. The public is still not excited about purchasing in this shaky economy, but we are sending the message that we are here for you as you make one of the most important financial decisions of your life.”

Cohen also added, “We concluded that we needed the support of an agency that could step back, see what the best strategy was for crafting messaging and associated creative elements and then working with us to formulate a go-forward plan to announce those elements and a campaign to provide continuous reinforcement of those elements.”

Zion & Zion CEO Aric Zion stated, “We’re extremely pleased that our agency has attracted a company like L&G—a company with history and results that wants to take things to the next level. Our business backgrounds do indeed enable us to digest the regulatory and financial details of L&G’s business, while our creative team can develop the visual brand elements, and our PR team can get the word out in a big way. L&G selected us for exactly what we’re good at—namely being a strong integrated marketing agency with business thinking and training at its roots. L&G has already a strong reputation, but in this tough economy, one riddled with competition in the mortgage industry, even a top notch company needs to work hard to remain on top. We’re looking forward to working with the team at L&G to further grow their business.”

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About L&G Mortgage Banc: 
For over 25 years, L&G’s mission is to make one feel at home while they finance your home. L&G understands that it isn’t merely about a better rate, but about providing a better mortgage experience. Currently licensed to operate in eight states throughout the southwest, the company offers a variety of home loan solutions including first-time home-buyer programs, FHA, VA, conventional, jumbo and more. This means that individual can be rest assured, that L&G will provide not only competitive rates but also the right loan program to meet your needs. L&G offers an extremely competitive compensation package based on higher than average splits as well as the opportunity for loan officers to build and manage their own teams.