Phoenix, AZ – August 4, 2009 – With a robust portfolio of public relations and social media clients, including several of the nation’s leading brands, Phoenix public relations, advertising and marketing firm Zion & Zion will now be adding Miss Phoenix 2009 to its client roster.

After receiving the crown, Ursulline Okonkwo began her campaign to help young girls across the Valley via the initiative The Arizona FriendRaiser (formerly known as The Miss Phoenix FriendRaiser)—an initiative that Okonkwo created. The program aims to help young girls by matching up mentors with various local organizations.

Zion & Zion will manage Okonkwo’s public relations and associated social media as well as event promotion for The Arizona FriendRaiser.

“We always work to balance our client roster by ensuring that it contains a set of exceptional non-profits, and we see the importance of supporting Miss Phoenix 2009’s causes,” said Aric Zion, Zion & Zion CEO.

Because of the difficulties young girls face nowadays, including teen pregnancy, body image issues and domestic violence, Okonkwo said that she’s committed to the idea that an event like The Arizona FriendRaiser will inspire feelings of self-worth in the young girls. With mentorship, she believes they will be better able to become successful and confident women.

Okonkwo stated, “After reviewing the previous PR work that Zion & Zion has done, I knew that they had the skills, dedication and resources I needed to represent me and the Arizona FriendRaiser program.”

The next Arizona FriendRaiser event will be held on August 22, 2009 at 9 a.m. The first FriendRaiser was held May 30 of this year, and seven mentors were partnered with an organization. Now that Okonkwo has engaged Zion & Zion, she expects to leverage Zion & Zion’s connections and expertise to attract even more people interested in making a difference by becoming a mentor.

So far, the upcoming event will be partnered with Girls on the Run, Phoenix Youth at Risk, Girls for a Change, Florence Crittenton and Girl Scouts of Arizona.

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About Miss Phoenix 2009
Miss Phoenix 2009, Ursulline Okonkwo, has been a Chandler, Arizona resident for most of her life. In addition to pursuing a degree in Global Leadership with emphasis in Financial Management at Arizona State University, Okonkwo served as president of a local chapter of the American Women’s Business Association and is currently an assistant coach for Girls on the Run. Okonkwo regularly speaks to a wide variety of women’s organizations and high school groups about the benefits of becoming a mentor, in hopes of helping young girls across the Valley reach their potential.

The Arizona FriendRaiser is a key component of Okonkwo’s platform, “The Journey toward Empowering Women,” a quest to forge everlasting bonds between girls and women.