Phoenix, AZ – December 9, 2008 – Already the premier marketing agency for Home Improvement companies in the metro Phoenix area, and with a strong base of Home Improvement clients throughout North America, Zion & Zion today adds to its distinguished client list, VanDenBosch, Arizona’s leading supplier of quality interior and exterior doors and energy efficient windows.

Zion & Zion’s track record in providing integrated marketing across both traditional and non-traditional media, combined with its expertise in advanced business analytics, has increasingly made it the marketing agency of choice—a fact that has only strengthened Zion & Zion’s positioning and client list in the current, uncertain economy.

VanDenBosch CEO, Michel Hanet, stated, “We weren’t looking for another me-too ad agency. We were only interested in partnering with a firm that had not only creative capabilities, but proven strategic leadership with advanced business-analytics capabilities. The advanced business degrees of the partners at Zion & Zion, combined with their executive management experience and the fact that their creative work was also second to none, made them our choice.”

Zion & Zion CEO, Aric Zion, commented, “VanDenBosch is in a strong position relative to its competitors and can afford to invest in taking additional market share. Our role is to figure out how to do that aggressively and cost effectively. That’s where our analytics capabilities combined with our creative, social media and public relations capabilities come into play. We’re able to analyze and quantify the results of the marketing campaigns that we initiate in ways that other firms just can’t—and that provides our clients with competitive differentiation from a marketing/advertising operations perspective.”

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About VanDenBosch:
VanDenBosch was founded to provide homeowners with a trendy transformation of home and hearth through replacement of interior and exterior doors and windows using high caliber, designer interior and exterior doors, windows and trim. VanDenBosch delivers the ultimate customer service experience through highly professional and qualified staff and provides prompt and efficient turnaround from initial product purchase to customization to completion of installation.