TEMPE, Ariz. – July 7, 2011 – Zion & Zion today announces the continued expansion of its team in the key growth areas of Internet Marketing and Advanced Analytics. Zion & Zion is in a relatively unique position amongst full-service agencies. The agency has incredible strength not only in creative, as one would expect from a top agency, but also in-house expertise in internet marketing and advanced analytics, including having developed a variety of proprietary software tools that facilitate high ROI online marketing for its clients. Zion & Zion is not only ranked as the top Online Marketing Firm in the state, but is also the top ranked PR Firm, Ad Agency and Social Media Agency in Arizona (references below).

Zion & Zion CEO Aric Zion (@ariczion) stated, “There was opportunity everywhere during the past three years. And, while most agencies experienced that period as a significant downturn in business, for us, it was the opposite. We grew substantially. Not having experienced a downturn means that while most recent hiring in our industry is to rebuild, the hiring here at Zion & Zion is designed to take us to new heights and to leverage our continued, uninterrupted month-over-month revenue grow. That brings us to the latest addition to the Zion & Zion team, Michael Stallone.”

Michael brings with him seven years of experience in internet marketing, including Google Certified Professional status, and is an expert in all things related to online marketing. Michael’s experience includes having worked for both Morgan Stanley and Experian Interactive.

Michael stated, “The ‘full-service’ agency aspect of Zion & Zion affords me the opportunity to work with a team of people that has no limits with respect to providing integrated marketing solutions. And the strength of the team with respect to web applications and mobile applications development was attractive to me as well. Since joining the Zion & Zion team,

I’m already working with PR and Social Media department members, our VP of Creative Insight and members of the Design & Interactive team on a variety of projects. It’s all pretty exciting.”

Zion & Zion CEO Aric Zion stated, “The combined strength of Michael’s financial and analytical background with Morgan Stanley and his experience in online marketing with Experian and others makes him a valued and welcome addition to the Zion & Zion team.  This firm is all about ‘Business First, Creative Second,’ and the fact that we recruit people of Michael’s caliber supports that market position.”