When advertising through Google AdWords, it’s recommended you use ad extensions to help increase your campaign performance. There are manual extensions that advertisers can add to their campaigns, and there are automated extensions that Google may automatically add. While Google is always testing and coming out with new or updated ad extensions, here is a current list of the manual and automated extensions within Google AdWords.

Manual Extensions

App Extensions

app extension

App extensions

As the name states, an app extension is for advertisers who are looking to either sell or promote an app for mobile devices. When a user clicks on the app extension, the corresponding app store (Google Play or iTunes App Store) will open, prompting the user to download the app. If the user has already downloaded and installed the app, advertisers can direct clicks to a certain “page” within the app to help reengage users.

Call Extensions

call extension

Call extensions

Call extensions will add a “call” button or phone number next to the ad text. For businesses with a high number of phone leads, call extensions is a great way to go. These extensions show on devices with the ability to make phone calls, which are, more often than not, mobile devices. A good example of a business that can benefit from these would be a local pizzeria. When setting up call extensions, a Google forwarding number can be used, allowing advertisers to access call data within AdWords.

Location Extensions

location image

Location extensions

Location extensions work along with a business’s Google+ Page, showing users the closest location of the business to them. These are great extensions to use for businesses looking to increase foot traffic into their brick and mortar locations. If you own a local ice cream shop, having a paid search ad with your physical address lets customers know quickly how close they are to your location. Location extensions can also help increase the credibility of your local business.

Review Extensions

review extensions

Review extensions

Review extensions are a great way for a company to showcase one of their best published reviews or awards. For a review to show within an ad, the review must be from within the last year, cannot be an individual personal review (like those found on Yelp), and must be taken and linked to the original source. Review extensions are currently only shown on desktop searches.

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelinks image

Sitelink extensions


Sitelink extensions give advertisers the perfect space to give more information to customers or lead them to specific website pages. These extensions are typically used as a path to various pages on a website like a contact page, locations page, or a page about a specific product. With sitelinks, advertisers can give a little snippet below each one, giving customers a quick glance into what they may be seeing once they click through. For advertisers using a single landing page for all sitelinks, these can be used for extra ad copy space to mention specific offers or features of a product or service.

Recently, Google announced account-level sitelinks, allowing advertisers to create one set of sitelinks for an entire account, rather than copying the same ones over into individual campaigns.

Callout Extensions

Callouts image

Callout extensions

Callout extensions give advertisers even more room to give additional information about a product, company or service. While these extensions are similar to sitelinks, they are not clickable and are there merely for additional ad text. Using callouts is a great way to help increase your ad’s CTR (click through rate).

Structured Snippets

Structured snippets image

Structured snippets

Structured Snippets are a way to add lists to your ads, giving customers a quick glance at your products and services without having to click through anywhere. These lists aren’t clickable but give advertisers and companies the room to list out things like brand names or services offered.

Price Extensions

price extensions image new

Price extensions

Google recently announced price extensions, which gives ads the space to show a list of specific products and services, along with their prices. These originally were in a listed form and only mobile, however in mid-November (2016) Google turned these into swipeable cards and some users have noted they are starting to appear on desktop. Customers are able to click through each product or service listing to gather more information.

Automated Extensions

Consumer Ratings

consumer ratings image

Consumer ratings

Consumer ratings gather survey data from Google Consumer Surveys, and display these within your ads. These require no setup from the advertiser or the business.

Previous Visits

previous visits image

Previous visits

Previous Visits is an automated extension that may appear within your ad, letting users know how many times they have visited your site and when the last time they visited your site was. Whether Google decides to show these or not will depend on whether the user is signed in, and whether they clicked through previously on a search result or a search ad.

Dynamic Structured Snippets

Dynamic Structured Snippets are very similar to normal Structured Snippets, except these are automated extensions that Google may create. These Snippets will show additional information about your site or business, and information is based on categories of content that may be found on your site.

Seller Ratings

Seller Ratings is another automated extension Google may show within ads, showcasing ratings for a particular business or service. These ratings are gathered from Google Consumer Surveys, StellaService, Google Trusted Stores, and a collection of independent review websites. If an advertiser wants their ads to be eligible to contain seller ratings, they can reach out to any of the rating sites Google uses to become a part of their programs. Google doesn’t guarantee that Seller Ratings will always appear on ads.


Ad Extensions are a great way to communicate additional information to your customers, without having to sacrifice your limited ad copy space. We recommend adding as many ad extensions as applicable to your business to help increase your campaign’s performance.


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