Our Tealium Engineering Team virtually attended Tealium’s annual conference, Digital Velocity. Digital Velocity showcases innovative thinking and best practices from the individuals and brands tackling today’s biggest business challenge with strategies rooted in a data-first approach.

Digital Velocity offered an array of sessions for its’ attendee covering different verticals like personalization, customer experience, and privacy. All sessions provided valuable insights into the various ways you can leverage your CDP, Custom Data Platform, to yield maximum results.

In this article, I overview the session “Personalization at Scale.” This session was hosted by Catherine Ballantyne, the Director for Solutions Consulting in APAC for Tealium.


Catherine explained how to leverage Tealium to develop a custom data strategy, allowing your personalization to scale accordingly. One of the greatest hurdles in personalization is maintaining consistency across channels. Within Tealium, you can easily overcome this with its ability to unify first and third-party data sources. This ensures your data is consistent and you build personalization efforts across multiple integrations. Tealium’s ever-growing third-party integrations is an additional benefit to the platform. You can easily pivot and adopt new technologies when desired or needed. This completely eliminates the pain of migrating which can often force organizations to stay committed to a solution they’ve long outgrown.

Relevancy and Timing

There are two main factors to consider for personalization. The first is relevancy. Personalization should have contextual relevance. The more relevant your content is to your customer, the higher engagement you will receive. This ultimately leads to the end goal of higher incremental return. Tealium allows you to capture these relevant data points to the user which can be used to create audiences that are reflective of exactly where the customer is at in their journey. Depending if a user enters or leaves an audience, you can take action to deliver a relevant experience.

The second factor is timing. For timing, your delivery must be carefully considered. You can deliver these experiences within real-time or at the right time in the customer’s journey. Tealium’s real-time data allows you to deliver experiences right away if desired. While you can act on real-time data, it’s important to avoid what’s known as the “creep” factor. Tealium’s Action Frequency Capping and Prioritization in AudienceStream offers great options to strike that delicate balance. Not only do you want to create sustainable communications but also respectful communications.


To build these respectful communications, consent should be at the forefront of your relationship with the customer. Your strategy should always involve consent before capture. Tealium has this mentality automatically built into its core so you don’t have to grapple with evolving privacy concerns. You can be safeguarded from crossing that line that would push any potential or existing customers away.


Personalization allows an organization to anticipate what their customers’ wants as they progress in their journey. Your personalization strategies should be ingrained within the core of the organization through engagement and enablement. The end goal is to increase revenue while ensuring you’re resilient to ever-changing technologies and strategies.