The re-launch of the Zion & Zion brand was purposeful in highlighting the innovative nature of the company culture, while reinforcing the continued dedication to the Zion & Zion mantra: Where Business Meets Creative.

Zion & Zion’s “Where Business Meets Creative” Hand Lettering Chalkboard Art

As nicely illustrated by one of our own talented graphic designers in this video, Scott Biersack took it upon himself to literally showcase the Zion & Zion agency mantra of “Where Business Meets Creative” by beautifully hand-lettering our office’s 200-square-foot chalkboard and creatively interpreting the Zion & Zion tagline in his own fashion. Not only did he go to town on the entire chalkboard, but completed this masterpiece in less than three days.

This spirit of “Where Business Meets Creative” is what Zion & Zion thrives on and encourages in its people. The team members at Zion & Zion are more than just employees doing their jobs well in their particular functional areas. Instead, Zion & Zion team members are cross-trained and mentored to develop them as T-shaped individuals. T-shaped individuals are knowledgeable and aware of other areas outside of their own expertise, and stand in contrast to I-shaped individuals that are simply functional area experts.

Scott, the Zion & Zion designer that is showcased in this video is but one of the valued T-shaped members of the Zion & Zion agency team.