GTM Research & Strategy


Empower your market entry and growth by leveraging deep market insights, innovative growth mechanisms, and targeted demand strategies to drive sustainable competitive advantages.



ABX is not a mere tactic, but a comprehensive strategy. We address the frequent pitfall where businesses mistake one-off ABM campaigns and channel-focused initiatives for a holistic ABX approach. Our expertise lies in shifting the focus from generic, people-based methods to truly account-centered strategies. This nuanced understanding ensures that your marketing efforts are not just campaigns, but a part of an integrated, account-focused journey, delivering more impactful and resonant results with your target accounts. 


Product-Led Growth 

Product-led growth (PLG) strategy is uniquely tailored to align with account-based marketing (ABM) in a land-and-expand model. By focusing on the critical lifetime value (LTV) to customer acquisition cost (CAC) ratio, we enhance the initial product experience and guide effective monetization. Our approach integrates key metrics like user engagement, LTV, and user segmentation to create a data-driven strategy. This ensures sustainable growth where customer value outweighs acquisition costs. In addition, by aligning PLG with ABM strategies, we facilitate a seamless transition from initial adoption to expansion within key accounts, maximizing both immediate impact and long-term growth. 

Demand Creation & Capture

Demand Creation & Capture 

We recognize the often overlooked necessity of holistic category thinking. Our frameworks dive deep into customer pain points, allowing for an exhaustive exploration of potential market categories and their relative priorities for clients. We’ve observed a gap in true ‘demand creation’ at the category level, where brands frequently misalign with their market categories and fail to effectively index in various markets. For instance, one of our clients focused solely on lower-funnel activities, neglecting the Total Addressable Market (TAM) and higher-funnel awareness. This led to potential customers developing biases towards competitors who had already shaped the category narrative. Our strategy addresses these challenges by ensuring that your brand not only creates demand but also strategically positions itself within the right categories, overcoming pre-framed perceptions and establishing a commanding presence in the market.