Los Angeles

A natural fit for us is our location in Los Angeles given that it is the third-largest economic metropolitan area in the world. Referred to as an “Alpha World City” and the “Creative Capital of the World.” The Zion & Zion team values our presence here to serve our clients headquartered in one of the most iconic cities and competitive financial centers in the world.

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From west coast to east, you’ll find the experts you need in our various Zion & Zion offices. Whether your needs are creative, digital media, analytics, MarTech, or CDP, we have a passion for creating strategic and creative roadmaps backed by in-depth research and data. Our combination of continuous learning and marketing technology expertise allows our clients to truly differentiate themselves to excel.

A Zion & Zion Californian
Director, Digital Strategy

Meet John, an expert in media planning with a focus on holistic paid media strategies across multiple digital marketing channels, including social, programmatic, and paid search channels. As a leader of the digital strategy team at Zion & Zion, John works with clients on not only on paid media strategy development and implementation, but on how to leverage Customer Data Platforms as part of those strategies.

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