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Experimentation Platforms

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Empower your testing program with our strategic and hands-on-platform assistance. Our team streamlines the process of hypothesis generation, testing and analysis to help drive business growth.

Tool selection

Tool Selection and Configuration

Maximizing the value of clients’ A/B testing platforms, especially for experimentation and personalization, involves guiding organizations in configuring these platforms correctly. This ensures the capabilities of the platforms are in harmony with evolving program goals and overarching business objectives. A key priority is ensuring compliance with data privacy and tracking regulations, alongside the integration of enhanced audience data from strategic sources. Additionally, verifying the accuracy of campaign methodologies and configurations to ensure they produce measurable results is essential. This focused approach ensures that the tools not only meet current needs but also adapt to future demands, driving effective outcomes and supporting strategic growth initiatives.

Platform audit

Platform Audit

We find that many organizations underutilize the advanced features available in their testing platforms, missing out on opportunities for enhanced experimentation through capabilities like CUPED testing, Sample Ratio Mismatch (SRM) detection, audience integrations and targeting, and sophisticated personalization features. The audit process is designed to unearth these overlooked opportunities, ensuring platforms are not only correctly configured but also that data integrity is maintained. With a focus on advanced audience targeting, comprehensive platform health checks, and adherence to data privacy laws, this in-depth review empowers organizations to fully leverage their testing platforms, significantly elevating the effectiveness and sophistication of their experimentation strategies.

Platform training

Platform Training

Ensuring the operational efficiency and organizational support for your experimentation program is vital. By offering both strategic and technical guidance, the continuity and effectiveness of the program are safeguarded. This approach not only maintains the smooth operation of the program but also plays a critical role in sustaining and increasing organizational buy-in. It achieves this by continually showcasing the program’s value and its ability to adapt to shifts in team dynamics. The goal is to keep your team well-prepared and capable, regardless of any internal changes or reallocations, thus ensuring the program’s resilience and progress.

Tool mapping

Business Goals to Tool Mapping

Organizations often select experimentation tools based more on familiarity than strategic alignment with organizational goals, skills, and strategies. We ensure that the chosen tool aligns seamlessly with your people and processes, reinforcing the connection between your business objectives and the program’s mission. The true measure of a tool’s effectiveness lies not only in its capabilities but also in its ability to integrate with and support your team’s specific needs and objectives, thereby enhancing the impact and efficiency of your experimentation program. This approach guarantees that the technology you utilize is a true asset, driving forward your strategic initiatives.

Test development

Test Development

Facing the challenge of limited resources or a lack of necessary skills to exploit their testing platform’s full potential, many organizations struggle to craft effective experiments. Addressing this challenge, we provide specialized support to furnish the essential expertise needed for designing and conducting both client-side and server-side experiments effectively. This assistance aims to bridge skill gaps and boost your team’s abilities, ensuring that your initiatives can still develop and carry out high-quality experiments. These experiments are meticulously designed to produce valuable insights, facilitating meaningful enhancements and contributing significantly to the program’s overall success, despite any resource constraints.