Experience Optimization

Program Management

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We will help guide your experimentation journey by identifying and implementing the right strategy and plan. We’ll focus on crafting effective workflows and clear communication channels to deliver a cohesive customer experience and achieve desired business outcomes.

End-to-End Program Management

Addressing and resolving typical challenges that lead to subpar results in experimentation programs is crucial.  Inefficient processes, underutilized expertise, and oversimplified campaign execution are common pitfalls. We bring a level of rigor and sophistication to the process, ensuring that every phase from conception to execution is handled with unparalleled precision and profound expertise, ultimately resulting in transformative and impactful outcomes that drive substantial value for your business.

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Roadmap Development

A focused and well-prioritized roadmap is key to the success of any experimentation program. Many programs falter due to testing without direction or proper business alignment. Leveraging our READ (Revenue, Evidence, Alignment, and Difficulty) prioritization framework, rigorous exercises are conducted to fine-tune program goals and objectives. This approach provides clarity and direction, ensuring that every test is aligned with your strategic goals in order to maximize the effectiveness of your program.

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Workflow Management and Support

Effective workflow management is essential for the success of testing programs, yet aligning digital research with organizational goals remains a challenge for many. Comprehensive workflows are established to bridge this gap, facilitating the mapping of research findings to program objectives while ensuring efficient backlog management and the creation of accessible test repositories. The strategy encompasses processes that democratize test results and insights for widespread sharing and utilization across the organization. Strategic and technical support are provided to ensure the seamless implementation and management of the chosen program operating system, along with guidance and expertise to optimize the system for smooth operation in line with the business’s strategic vision.

Optimization Advisory and Training

Addressing common challenges in testing programs, such as securing organizational buy-in by communicating their value to leadership, is crucial. Through comprehensive training that covers platform usage, technical and statistical analysis, and operational management, teams are empowered to articulate clearly the benefits and insights from their testing efforts. Strategic guidance is also provided to C-suite and leadership teams on operational models, investment decisions, and the intrinsic value of these initiatives. This approach ensures that all organizational levels understand and support the transition from ad-hoc methods to sustainable, impactful, and structured strategies for optimization.

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Test Design and Development

The intricacies of test design demand a blend of expertise in UX design and an awareness of brand guidelines and business objectives. We emphasize the importance of employing UX designers with vertical expertise and a foundational understanding of UX best practices. Additionally, our certified experimentation developers are adept at translating complex UX designs into efficiently coded solutions within any testing platform. This dual approach ensures that your testing programs are not only aesthetically aligned with your brand but are also technically sound and effective.