Marketing Automation

Lead Generation

Marketing Automation

We can generate high quality leads for your business and help you deliver an effective message at the optimal time to catch the attention of your potential customers.

Lead acquisition

Lead Scoring

To determine and locate who your high value leads are, our expertise and your business objectives must be aligned to create a robust lead scoring strategy. We utilize a combination of demographic, behavioral, and predictive scoring classifications to not only automate notifications to sales reps when a lead becomes a marketing qualified lead (MQL) but we also use these scores to determine what content a lead should receive and when. The overall lead score becomes a great indicator of sales readiness and helps strengthen the relationship between marketing and sales departments.

Lead generation

Progressive Profiling

There is a time when you need to know more information about a customer that an initial form cannot provide. Progressive profiling is a strategy we utilize to dynamically change the fields in a form based on what we already know about the customer—and what we would like to know more about. By gaining this additional information, we can use this to our advantage and serve a better personalized experience to increase overall conversion.

Lead acquisition

Lead Acquisition

Each aspect of the marketing funnel requires its own sub strategy. Just as important as converting leads into customers is the importance of acquiring new leads to maintain a healthy top of funnel strategy. Whether B2C or B2B, our lead acquisition strategies include crucial components such as lead filtering, enhancing, and delivering leads to your various systems. We ensure each component works together to capture the interest of your target leads and drive them to convert is based on your business goals and objectives. Only then are we able to cement a strong relationship between you and your customers by providing value and building trust with every interaction moving forward.


Inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing includes many different channels to attract new customers to your website—and while inbound marketing refers to a marketing strategy, marketing automation replaces the tedious manual processes with automated solutions. Whether your inbound marketing plan includes sending emails, scheduling social posts, or creating workflows, we do not treat the need to create well-written and personalized content as a simple checkbox. We dial in into the strategy and ensure every aspect of your inbound marketing plan not only nurtures prospects, but more importantly, guides them along their buying journey.