Our Team

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." – African Proverb

Aric Zion


Lyrical wordsmith

Martini connoisseur

Instigator of fun & trouble

Avid gardener

Dog lover (especially Jabhar)

DuGué Zion


Southern Girl

Crazy for jigsaw puzzles

Jabhar's Mother

Always ready for a beach vacation spent in the shade

Peter Juergens

Sr VP of Strategic Services

Budding chef

World traveler

Wine aficionado

Alex Silva

Web Developer

Obsessive playlist creator

Can endlessly quote 30 Rock

Music festival goer

Last Chance shopping level: expert

Bridgette Foord

Media Director

Organic vegetable gardener/backyard farmer

Lover of all things pumpkin

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers groupie

HGTV junkie

Brittan Susich

UX/IA Associate

Expert personal shopper

ASU superfan

Lover of the beach

French fry fanatic

Won’t go anywhere without my planner

French bulldog obsessed

Netflix junkie

Caroline Walters

Graphic Designer

Ohio State Fanatic

Gold Obsessed


Mother of a yellow labrador

Calligraphy Lover

Charles Clarkson

Account Executive

Lover of witty Social Media

Harry Potter fanatic

Political advocate

Jazz enthusiast

Doug Anderson


Enjoys inventing and brainstorming new product developments

Says he’ll always own a boxer

Makes Kauai his second home as often as possible

Loves a good joke, but can never remember them

Emily Hill

Agency Coorindator

Can recite the lyrics to almost every song from the 90’s

Loves camping and being outdoors whenever possible


Jazz enthusiast

Friends TV show addict

Holly Dill

Account Director

Ad junkie

Arizona native

Bachelor enthusiast

Lover of all things 80’s

Millennial mom

Jennifer Spangler

Account Supervisor

Theater major

Produced playwright

Sci-fi nerd

Food Network/HGTV addict

Jessica Mattke

Account Executive


Popcorn fanatic

AZ native

Queen of list making

Adventure seeker

Keila Dezeeuw

Associate Graphic Designer


Coffee Addict

Night Owl

Dog Obsessed

Kenna Watters

Art Director

Tiny dancer

Crafty costume creator

Zombie slayer

Master mixologist

Penguin obsessed

Kristi Bielewicz

UX/IA Strategist

Animal lover

Sea otter adopter

Dog owner

UX & Content enthusiast

Unofficial J. Crew spokesperson

Malory Knutson


Sour Candy Addict

Night Owl

Spicy Food Lover

Big Sister to 7

Puts hot sauce on everything

Mandy Gallegos

Media Buyer/Planner

Red Sox Fan

Coffee Junkie

Country Two Stepper

Whiskey Drinker

Nicole Ellis

Online Marketing Manager

Maker of lists

Avid shutterbug

White Mocha lover

Raul Salido

Web Developer

Sriracha addict

Human jukebox

Web resource junkie

Gourmet lunch salad chef

Made in Mexico

Sarah Leidy


Baltimore Ravens Fanatic

Amateur Vegetarian Chef

French Bulldog Obsessed

Ultimate Vacation Planner

Steven Stallone

Online Marketing Manager

Native New Yorker

Office fantasy football champ

Excel & pivot table (take a shot) expert

Hockey fanatic

Taylor Birchall

Content Developer

Clumsy Creator

Sneaker addict

Rita ora impersonator

Emoji enthusiast

Teri Scholz

Sr Account Executive

PR aficionado

Original Valley Girl (OVG). Born and raised in Encino, Calif.


Lover of rock & roll

Tim Anderson

Web Developer

Web standards stickler

Champion pool player

Premium vodka connoisseur

Mixed martial artist

Eagle Scout

Tori Hauser

Art Director

Avid list maker and crosseroffer


Furniture rehabilitator

Hot yoga goer

Late, late night chicken and waffle taco connoisseur

Tyler Thursby

Senior SEO Analyst

Phoenix Suns disciple

Indian food fiend

Honorary Wu-Tang member

Favorite movie - Airplane

Will Yowell

Web Developer

Resident code junky

Rumored to be the "Most Athletic at Zion & Zion"

Bowler Extraordinaire

Zach Bryant

Social Media Account Coordinator

Vinyl collector

Techno and house addict

(Very) amateur foodie

Thinks in 140 characters



Office Pup

Lover of Tennis Balls that squeak

Friend to all who enter

Nap taker

Willing to take any and all leftovers (but don't tell my mom)

iPhone Users
iPhone Users
Hired From Internship Program
Hired From Internship Program
Cookies Consumed from Romancing the Bean
Cookies Consumed from Romancing the Bean
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