Our Team

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." – African Proverb

Aric Zion


Lyrical wordsmith

Martini connoisseur

Instigator of fun & trouble

Avid gardener

Dog lover (especially Jabhar)

DuGué Zion


Southern Girl

Crazy for jigsaw puzzles

Jabhar's Mother

Always ready for a beach vacation spent in the shade

Peter Juergens

Sr VP of Strategic Services

Budding chef

World traveler

Wine aficionado

Ocean Lover

Artist & Writer

Alex Silva

Alex Silva

Web Developer

Obsessive playlist creator

Dog mom

True Crime fanatic

(Netflix) Marathoner

Anna Bussert

Sr Digital Marketing Manager

Denver Broncos super fan

Proud mom of a Shiba Inu mix

Lover of all wines red

Avid sticky note user

Expert jigsaw puzzler

Brandi Clay

Sr Digital Media Planner/Buyer

University of Akron graduate

Harry Potter fanatic (Ravenclaw)

Believes snacks are a meal

Post it notes for everything

Enjoys music of all kinds

Travel enthusiast

Bridgette Foord

Media Director

Organic vegetable gardener/backyard farmer

Lover of all things pumpkin

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers groupie

HGTV junkie

Brittan Reinhart

UX/IA Strategist

Lover of the beach

French fry fanatic

French bulldog obsessed

Doug Anderson


Enjoys inventing and brainstorming new product developments

Says he’ll always own a boxer

Makes Kauai his second home as often as possible

Loves a good joke, but can never remember them

Emily Hill

Agency Coorindator

Can recite the lyrics to almost every song from the 90’s

Wife and Mother

Jazz enthusiast

Friends TV show addict

Fred Petrovsky


3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 guitar

Writes novels nobody reads

Savior of Hyrule

Hiker, painter, song writer

Holly Dill

Account Director

Ad junkie

Arizona native

Bachelor enthusiast

Lover of all things 80’s

Millennial mom

Jennifer Spangler

Sr Account Supervisor

Theater major

Produced playwright

Sci-fi nerd

Food Network/HGTV addict

Keila Dezeeuw



Coffee Addict

Night Owl

Dog Obsessed

Ken Spera

Ken Spera

Creative Director
Excellent Hand-Eye Coordination

Published Author

Pants Enthusiast

Paper not Plastic

Junior Air Hockey Champion

Laryssa Simpson

Account Executive

Arizona Native

Retired Collegiate Pole Vaulter

Wine Lover

Mexican Food Fanatic


Lauren Smith

Motion Experience Designer

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH.

Dog mom

Baker of breads


Snack enthusiast

Leslie Sonnenklar

Associate Director, PR

Travel addict

Rescue dog mom

Beach obsessed

Canadian born

Desperately needs access to Amazon revoked

Lorrie Luckinbill

Sr Digital Media Planner/Buyer

Media Junkie

Have a Goldfish named Nielsen

Wiki Geek

Read more than 100 books per year

High School Football Fan

Maddy Van House


Labradoodle enthusiast

Whole Foods addict

Indie music listener

GIF advocate

Wannabe blogger

Malory Knutson

Assoc Account Executive

Sour Candy Addict

Night Owl

Spicy Food Lover

Big Sister to 7

Puts hot sauce on everything

Mike Davis


Father of two

Music collector (hoarder)

Europe traveller

Concert enthusiast

Florida Gator football apologist

Drum kit novice

Morgan Darin

UX / Content Associate

Born and raised in Rochester, MI

Lover of chicken tenders

Harry Potter fanatic


Morgan Gardea

Morgan Gardea

Sr Account Executive
Collects (but mostly kills) houseplants

Amazon shopaholic

Reads celebrity gossip daily

Sunday afternoon napper

Aspires to go on Amazing Race

Nicole Ellis

Online Marketing Manager

Maker of lists

Avid shutterbug

White Mocha lover

Nicole Masterson

Online Marketing Manager


Big Brother Superfan

Proud Cat Mom

Born & Raised in Iowa

Flowerpot Gardener

Snorkeling Enthusiast

Omar Hernandez


Video gamer since 4 years old

Sportsman (without practice)

TCG player (Trading card games)

Anime addict

Taco expert

Born in the US, grown in Mexico

Stephanie Gabriel


Born and raised in Chicago, IL

Comic book nerd

Sports nut

Loves to write

Bird/Parrot lover

Stephanie Petersen

Stephanie Petersen

Account Coordinator

Arizona native (East Valley)

½ Mexican & ½ Costa Rican

Lover of all red wines

Dog and cat mom

Bibliophile (current in 2 book clubs)


Steven Rugg

Sr Marketing Automation Strategist

Arizona Native (Go Sun Devils!)

Lover of Gyros and Tzatziki Sauce

Avid Snowboarder

MarTech (Marketing Technology) Nerd

Craft Beer and Coffee Connoisseur

Taryn Pope


University of Colorado graduate

Britney Spears super-fan

Tetris aficionado

Has a Simpsons quote for every occasion

Spends too much money on hair products

Taylor Birchall

UX/Content Strategist

Clumsy Creator

Sneaker addict

Rita ora impersonator

Emoji enthusiast

Thomas Hollmann

Sr Director Marketing Science

Musicals rock

Soccer fan (BVB & Liverpool)

Has a dog and a cat

Wants a dragon

Fly me to the moon

Tori Hauser

Tori Hauser

Art Director

Cool Mom (or so my co-workers say)

Avid list maker and crosseroffer

Furniture rehabilitator

Late, late night chicken and waffle taco connoisseur

Tyler Thursby

Senior Search Analyst


Phoenix Suns fan

Avid reader

Enjoys the occasional crispy boi

Wes Couch

Wes Couch

Web Developer

Texas born (Go Cowboys)

Runner and hiker

Movie aficionado

Always seeking new craft beers

Will Yowell

Web Developer

Resident code junky

Rumored to be the "Most Athletic at Zion & Zion"

Bowler Extraordinaire


Office Pup

Lover of Tennis Balls that squeak

Friend to all who enter

Nap taker

Willing to take any and all leftovers (but don't tell my mom)

iPhone Users
iPhone Users
Hired From Internship Program
Hired From Internship Program
Cookies Consumed from Romancing the Bean
Cookies Consumed from Romancing the Bean