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When the time comes to think outside the box and take your brand ideas to the next level, our PR team can create and implement an experiential solution to get people talking.



In a world saturated with online communication and digital media, events present a rare and valuable opportunity to leverage face-to-face interactions with the public. Our team specializes in brainstorming, planning and executing everything from grand openings and groundbreakings to PR stunts and community events that resonate with consumers and pique the interest of the media. Of course, we do this while also achieving the overarching goal of delivering your brand’s core message to attendees.

Brand activations

Brand Activations/Grassroots

Bringing to life our clients’ core brand values through unique live experiences, gives us the opportunity to drive consumer engagement and build organic brand awareness by creating an emotional connection between our client and the target audience. Our team does this by creating interactive experiences and unique brand touch points that are specifically designed to create an emotional connection with target audiences. And, since we live in a digital world, this is all done while ensuring social sharing is a priority.



Disruptive marketing challenges conventional thinking. It offers consumers a new approach to a traditional product or service. We are experts in creating ingenious disruptive PR and guerrilla-style stunts and new ways of thinking that will initiate conversations and break the status quo. We take a radical and unexpected approach to generate intrigue and provoke conversations that will differentiate our clients from their competitors.