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We use analytics to shape our content strategy and UX efforts, in order to evaluate your current website and design solutions to help you reach your goals. This ongoing process continues over time to allow us to visualize, analyze, and respond to changes in data over time.

Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis

Understanding your web audience is key. Websites act as an introduction to the business, but also need to accommodate various goals and mindsets. At Zion & Zion, we strongly believe that a deep analysis of audience reach provides key stakeholders with essential information, and shapes the experience and content needed for a proper user experience. Different mindsets arise whether the visitor is a new or returning user, different steps are taken whether the visitor is viewing the website on a desktop or mobile device, and geographical location and language are always important factors to be continuously aware of.

Acquisition analysis

Acquisition Analysis

Knowing how users find your website is an important area to pay attention to. An acquisition analysis allows the Zion & Zion team to break user behavior down to the avenue taken to reach a website. Not only does this provide information about which channel is performing best, such as social, email, paid search, or organic, but we also ask the question of which channel is providing more a more engaged audience? An acquisition analysis provides great insights to the type of users that come to a website but it also plays a big role in other areas of advertising such as social media, paid search, paid media, key word optimization, and more.

Behavioral Analysis

When assessing your own website, it may seem obvious what the correct actions should be for users, but in reality, it’s not. Behavioral analysis techniques such as user flows, behavior flows, navigation summaries, and more, bring real user actions to life with data visualizations. Understanding the what and why behind user actions help bridge the gap between what user needs are and are not met, what additional information users are looking for, which pages receive the most or least traffic, and more. Understanding data behind user behavior helps shape optimization moving forward from not only a user’s perspective but also internal business priorities.

Behavioral Analysis
Event tracking

Event Tracking & Implementation

Through our close-knit relationship, Zion & Zion learns what you value most as a business and what metrics are crucial to analyze over time. Knowing this, Zion & Zion strategically defines Google Tag Manager (GTM) events for specific areas of the website, whether that be clicking a phone number, adding an item to the shopping cart, or as simple as scrolling halfway down the page. As a rule of thumb, if it is going to impact business decisions, it should be tracked. Not only does our team define such events, our developers will implement and test them to ensure they are working properly. Each event that is triggered then feeds back into Google Analytics, where further analysis and custom reports are carried out.

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Digital platforms should not only be tailored to UX best practices, but also to business strategy. Understanding how your website is performing through a user-centric lens is key to knowing if metrics are improving or whether further optimizations need to be made. The Zion & Zion team develops custom reports throughout our entire web process, whether it is for initial recommendations and findings, or progress benchmarking after optimizations have been deployed.