UX & Development


UX & Development

The Zion & Zion development team has a wealth of experience in the latest development technologies and processes, to help build your website from the ground up. From custom solutions and CMS integrations to performance monitoring, our developers manage it all.

Custom Solutions & Integrations

We build custom websites with the future in mind by laying a solid foundation of extensible, easily modified code that not only supports features defined at launch but is also accepting of new features—saving time and resources from costly code refactoring. While we cannot predict the future, we can anticipate change. By building websites with the future in mind from the start, we enable the site to evolve with changing business needs.

We use modern processes and tools to build websites, including CSS preprocessors, MVC frameworks, version control systems (Git), and workflow automation tools (Gulp, webpack, CodeKit). Our powerful, in-house team can quickly adapt to newer, better, and more advanced technologies as they are discovered. Our ability to be agile allows us to adapt and improve in time with the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Custom Solutions

CMS Setup & Configuration

We pride ourselves on building and delivering Content Management Systems (CMS) solutions with user experience in mind from the beginning. We go the extra mile by leveraging different techniques to ensure consistency, no matter who is making updates to your website. Data validation provides an extra layer of support by confirming correct use of emails, phone numbers, file types, and more. Additionally, our CMS systems are created to allow for flexibility, meaning we use progressive display techniques to provide the freedom to easily add, edit, or remove information from your website. The intuitive interface also includes guidance messages which creates an environment suitable for varying levels of familiarity with CMS systems.


UI Component Libraries

UI component libraries document the details and features of a website and include a wide range of building-block components. We believe in constructing websites with building-block components because it allows for a faster and easier web development process. Customizing components becomes simpler, projects become more consistent, and websites become more robust and dynamic. These are all added benefits that help cut down on time and resources, leaving more time to build beautifully useful and connected digital experiences.



We believe that a fast website is an efficient website, which is why page speed optimization is crucial to our web development process. Performance is considered and implemented at every stage of our process, so the end-experience is fully optimized using best practices. We take multiple steps to ensure performance is at its best by setting cache settings for server assets, minifying JavaScript and CSS, compressing all images used across the site, leveraging Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), adding critical CSS inline and non-critical CSS via JavaScript, and more. As a strategy that is often overlooked, performance is critical to not only the overall experience of your website, but it also has strong implications on organic search engine results—prioritizing websites with better performance first and foremost.


Accessibility & Privacy Compliance

We begin conversations around web accessibility in the discovery phase. We will discuss, from a business standpoint, accessibility requirements and what level of accessibility you would like to achieve. At Zion & Zion, we always aim to create inclusive designs by striving for Level A success criterion of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 (i.e. ADA Compliance), and abide by security and data protection regulatory standards including Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) when applicable.


Analytics & Insights

To fully understand how users interact with a website, the Zion & Zion development team enables Google Analytics and event tracking, which allows for in-depth analyses. Understanding user actions on a website is crucial to knowing what is and is not being absorbed by users. Through analyzing simple data points such as number of pageviews or time on page, or diving deeper into more complex areas such as call-to-action performance, button clicks and behavior flows, our team translates user actions into actionable and strategic recommendations for site information architecture, page hierarchy, and content development.


Pre-Launch Testing

When your new website is ready to launch, our team does everything possible to ensure a smooth transition because a properly functioning website is crucial for your business. Our extensive cross-browser testing process runs your new website through a stimulator which mimics every possible browser that could be used. Any areas that need tailored code to a specific browser are adjusted before they could potentially be an issue. As a final touch, our team extensively tests all forms that are on your website, analytics, and event tracking to confirm they are successfully working and tracking key performance indicators for future benchmarking and testing.

Web training

Website Training & Documentation

Our website process was designed so our team can work as an extension to yours. As a partner in this process, we ensure you are set up for success even after the website launches. We provide in-person training and detailed training guides that walk through the entire, custom-built backend. To provide a smooth transition once the project is completed, we will also provide files and documentation that specify which technologies were used. While our training and support can be delivered in multiple ways, our approach is always determined based on what will be most beneficial for your team.