Market Research

Where quantitative and qualitative data come together.

Our Difference

We maintain an in-house team of Stanford trained qualitative researchers and PhD level researchers, and possess a deep expertise in customer experience research, statistical analysis, and insight generation.

  • CPG Research
  • Regression
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Empathy Interviewing
  • Observational Research
  • Shelf Design
  • A/B & Multivariate Testing
  • Preference Testing
  • UX Benchmarking
  • Primary Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Participant Recruiting
  • Trade Area Analysis
  • Surveys
  • Hard To Reach Respondents
  • Complex Research Designs
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Statistical Analysis

Just a few of our Market Research clients


While most agencies either outsource market research or merely dabble in it, Zion & Zion maintains an in-house, six-person team of Stanford University trained qualitative market researchers. Our market research team is highly experienced in uncovering details about human behavior, emotions, and evaluation and decision triggers, as well as generating deep insights that drive our clients’ brands, products, and services evolution and messaging.  Members of our in-house qualitative research team all hold multiple certifications in analytics and user experience, have had hundreds of hours of formal training in qualitative techniques and strategic insight generation, and have completed thousands of hours of research for local, regional, and national clients.


Quantitative research is only useful if done right. Simply putting out a survey will indeed collect data, but a variety of other factors all have dramatic impacts on the usefulness and accuracy of the data and on whether the data is truly aligned to the research question. How the questions are phrased, what scales are used, whether confidence intervals are generated, whether one-tailed vs. two-tailed statistical tests are used to compare answers, exactly how many people need to be surveyed, what’s the appropriate way to ensure not just randomization but also sample stratification for sub populations, etc. Zion & Zion is one of the rare full-service agencies with the quantitative research expertise to answer such questions and to conduct a wide variety of analyses ranging from regression to conjoint  analysis. We are one of the very few full-service agencies with access to thousands of marketing measurement scales and the understanding of how to apply them. Working in concert with our in-house, Stanford trained qualitative researchers, we are also well versed in the qualitative discovery that should generally precede quantitative research.

Thomas Hollmann Thomas Hollmann

Sr Director Marketing Science

Begin with qualitative, end with quantitative, because to conduct a survey presumes you already know the questions and most of the answers.