Our methodology for measuring the success of the campaigns is derived from your business goals. From there we look holistically at the marketing strategy and determine the success of media objectives for each campaign. We know that data is only part of the equation. Validation, exploration, and strategic use of that data is what sets us apart.

Data analytics

Data Analytics

Data analytics ensures discovering useful information, informing performance, and supporting decision-making. By analyzing raw data to find trends and answer questions, data analytics allows us to measure and recognize what is best for our clients. This includes looking at various metrics and channels to provide valuable insights. Our media team not only evaluates media performance by channel, but when looking at the data, tactics such as custom funnel performance visualization, is useful to analyze specific client media performance as it relates to the overall media strategy.


Customization & Real-Time Reporting

No two businesses are the same. Therefore, we know the importance of customizing all reporting to identify the goals and important measurements based on client needs. Though the use of digital architecture, we utilize tools such as API integrations and ETL extracts to evaluate media performance across all channels in real time. This allows us to make quick optimizations, shift budget, and evaluate performance in an efficient and strategic way.