Public Relations & Social Media

"If you don't like what is being said, then change the conversation." – Don Draper

Public Relations & Social Media

You know you’re great. And we know you’re great. And the Zion & Zion PR and Social Media Team will make sure that everyone else knows it too.  Our PR & Social Media team can do it all:

  • Media Relations
  • Social Media
  • Crisis Communications
  • Media Training
  • Events & Promotions

Whether it’s coaching your internal staff, influencing your audience base, partnering with government entities, or securing media coverage and response, our highly trained team of PR and social media experts manages your brand image and communications for a positive impact on your bottom line.

As the list of social media outlets continues to grow, organizations ask themselves questions such as: do I need to be on social media, how will it help my business, how do I manage all these platforms? At Zion & Zion, we provide the answers to these questions on a case by case basis and build a custom strategy for your business. Our team is on the cutting-edge of social media, with the goal of engaging each client’s audience in a meaningful way.  So… ready for everyone to know your name?

Media Relations

The Zion & Zion team is adept at securing local, regional, and national media attention for our clients. Our team members have secured coverage for clients in outlets including: The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNBC, Food&Wine, Sunset Magazine, CBS Sunday Morning, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, LA Times, NY Times, CNN, The Today Show, and many more. Ready to get some serious coverage?

Social Media

Just having a Facebook page up for your business doesn’t cut it anymore, and truthfully, it never really did. As a part of your marketing mix, developing an appropriate social media strategy for your business is vital. At Zion & Zion, we determine which social media platforms are the right fit for your industry, your company, and your target audiences. What’s more, we have a team of experts with experience in both B2B and B2C social media–very important, as the approaches are generally completely different. For most clients we’ll create custom content calendars along with images, posts, infographics and even full-on campaigns that speak to your current and potential customers. And, as with everything we do at Zion & Zion, we’ll use analytics to evaluate performance and refine strategy and tactics on regular basis. For example, we’ll determine what your brand’s fans and followers interact with the most and when they’re most likely to have quality interactions, which all helps to shape future social content and conversations. So, let’s shape your social future together.

Crisis Communications

Media can be friend or a foe depending on how it is reporting on you. When media attention gets overly negative, crisis communications becomes a necessity. When a client comes to us with a crisis, we take the time to evaluate the situation. What is the negative perception? What is being falsely reported, and what is true? How prevalent is the negativity? Has this spilled over into public opinion and/or affected sales? What is the perception that the client wants the public to have? What facts/actions do we have to support that? Actions will often be necessary to repair the damage, and we can work to offer guidance on the impact of proposed efforts, coordinate with a non-profit for a charitable partnership, create a community event, or take any other creative action necessary. We will evaluate the proper way to disseminate your message, be it by press conference, formal one-on-one interviews, or casual coffee discussions with the media. And the sooner you call us, the smaller the snowball, so start dialing.

Media Training

After the Zion & Zion team has worked with you to craft key messages related to what you want and should (not always the same thing) be saying, we’ll then conduct on-site media training for you that includes how to redirect a conversation and keep the media from taking you where you don’t want to go. We’ll trap you, provoke you, mislead you and make sure that you’re more fit than a fiddle, so that when you get in front of the media, you’ll be charge and leading the conversation. And we all know that if you’re not leading, you’re following.

Events & Promotions

While there are many specialty companies that provide events and promotions services, our clients often require a more integrated approach. That’s where our ability to bring event logistics together with PR, social media, creative, video, email marketing, direct mail, exhibit design, and presentation development really makes a difference. And when it comes down to it, don’t we all want to make a difference?

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